5 Great Things About the JNC Windee (Beef Trachea)

5 Great Things About the JNC Windee (Beef Trachea)

Today’s post is a perennial favorite. Windees ROCK!

I love at LEAST 5 great things about the Windee! What is a Windee? Why, it’s Jones Natural Chews 12″ beef trachea, made just for dogs! For a long time I thought the Windee was just for medium to large size dogs, but a tiny dachshund put the lie to that last week. Here’s what it looks like:

A Dachshund with a beef trachea
Come to the Dark Side. We have Windees.

And why should you love the Windee? I’ll give you five good reasons.

  1. JNC’s Windee is all natural, meaning there are no artificial ingredients. Nothing you can’t pronounce. No chemicals. All of Jones chews are all natural, but the Windee is …
  2. A single ingredient chew! I look at the ingredient list on, say, a dog biscuit from the grocery store and not only can I not pronounce several of the ingredients, I can barely count them. The Windee is a beef trachea. And that’s it. Just a beef trachea.
  3. Made in the USA – I love this part. Jones Natural Chews are 100% grown and made in the USA. So far, even with the treats that are not single ingredient, I haven’t counted more than eight ingredients. All grown and made in the USA, including the Windee.
  4. The JNC Windee is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, so it’s good for senior dogs and dogs with joint issues. I DID NOT KNOW THIS. All this time I’ve been giving my senior dogs Beef Taffy and I should have been giving them Windees!
  5. The Windee, or beef trachea, is oven baked to perfection, making it crunchy, which makes even the 12″ treat edible by small dogs, like Roxy up there. Or Chewy, another dog I introduced to the Windee last week …
Never get between a dog and his beef trachea
Chewy knows a good beef trachea when he sees it. And smells it. And tastes it. He didn’t want to give it up.

Chewy is four or five years old, half purebred Beagle, half whatever found his mom when she escaped the yard. Is he not adorable?!? Chewy and I spent a good half hour getting to know one another. Well, Chewy spent the half hour sucking up for treats. But LOOK AT THIS FACE!!!

Adorable Beagle mix
Is this not the cutest dog EVER?!? I know I say that about all the dogs …

Chewy has a sister, Bierly. She’s a senior dog who buries her treats, so it took awhile to find the Windee. She buried it in the backyard almost as soon as I handed it to her. Look at this pretty girl:

When she brought this back, there was dirt inside from it being buried

When I left the dogs’ mom with the Windee and a bag of JNC Chicken Taffy, I gave her the same little speech I give all dog moms:

  • Never give treats to a dog with an empty stomach – make sure they’ve eaten first
  • Never give your dog too many treats – think toddlers and dessert
  • Always supervise your dog eating a treat – dogs inhale – again, think toddlers inhaling any treat
  • Hide the treats – dogs will do just about anything for Jones Natural Chews
Adorable Beagle mix plays dead for a treat
Chewy went so far as to play dead to get ANOTHER Chicken Taffy – I had to cut him off

So take a look at your local pet store or feed store for Jones Natural Chews. Ask around. They’re in a lot of cities and towns in the US. Here in Tulsa and surrounding, they’re at Atwoods. If you absolutely can’t find Jones near you, there’s always Natural Dog Treat Shop.

So go! Find the chew that will make your dog smile! Because that’s what Jones does best, make dogs smile.

Until I write again …


19 thoughts on “5 Great Things About the JNC Windee (Beef Trachea)

  1. I’m not telling Katie about the glucosamine in Windees or she will want to have on 24/7 for her arthritis! So sad with Klondike. We love Pyrs,..but there are three of us now, so our house is full and we don’t want a male dog but geez, we feel bad and hope he finds a great home real quick!
    emma recently posted..Cool Junk | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  2. That looks like something Torrey would LOVE. When she was a pup she chewed on all kinds of toys. I figured i would never worry about her teeth because she chewed so much. Now, I can’t get her to chew anything but soft stuffies, and I worry about her teeth not getting the workout they need. That looks pretty chew worthy.

  3. I was wondering if this treat could potentially be a choking hazard for larger dogs. But like you said, dogs should always be supervised when they get treats like this, just to be on the safe side. I also like your tip about feeding a dog first so he’s not hungry and therefore he’ll be less likely to inhale/swallow the treat whole!
    Lindsay recently posted..Tour with San Diego Humane SocietyMy Profile

  4. Treat are always good. Maya & Pierson eat in the AM and in the PM. They usually get treats in the afternoon. So why would giving them treats on an empty stomach be bad? Poor Klondike. Is there a Pyrenees rescue group who is willing to take him? That is probably his best bet. Keep us posted.
    Dawn recently posted..MidtermsMy Profile

  5. Those Windees sound awesome! The wiens can’t wait to try them!!
    Do you have any info on Klondike that would help in sharing him? Contact info, etc? I’d like to see him go straight to another home, but there is a Pyr rescue here that may be able to help if it comes down to the wire on moving.

  6. I can’t get over the trachea being bigger than that cute little dog! Donna gets treated for good behaviour throughout the day… so i guess sometimes it is on an empty stomach… have not had any problems. I’m a little hesitant to hide treats because I worry that may encourage her to root and round and discover things that she is not supposed to eat! 😛
    weliveinaflat recently posted..TGIF…My Profile

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