5 Reasons A Knee Cap Is the All-Natural Rage

5 Reasons A Knee Cap Is the All-Natural Rage

5 Reasons a Knee Cap is the All-Natural Rage

Yes, I said a Knee Cap. Your dog loves Knee Caps, doesn’t it? If your dog hasn’t had a Knee Cap, then perhaps you should find a store in your area that sells Jones Natural Chews and get it one! Why, you ask? I’ll give you 5 reasons Knee Caps are the all-natural rage.

Yummy all natural Knee Cap from Jones
The Jones Knee Cap
  1. Jones Knee Caps are 100% all natural, meaning NO artificial ingredients of ANY kind, EVER
  2. Jones Knee Caps are 100% grown and made in the USA, meaning there’s never any ingredient that is farmed or baked or anything else anywhere other than the USA – EVER
  3. Jones Knee Caps are the hard protective covering of the back knee of a cow, making it a sturdy chew for most dogs
  4. Being the sturdy chew that it is, the Jones Knee Cap will last longer than a jerky or softer treat
  5. Jones Knee Caps are single ingredient treats, meaning there’s nothing but Knee Cap – well, with a hint of natural liquid smoke for flavor
Hmm. This Knee Cap smells yummy.
Remember Gentry? He’s checking out the natural goodness of the Jones Knee Cap.

And for those of you interested (and because our friends at Slim Doggy would want to know), here is the nutritional information:

Crude protein min – 31% Crude fat min – 28% Crude fiber max – 3% Moisture max – 8%

Do Dogs Like Them?

But do dogs like the Knee Cap? I’d have to say, based on my limited experience, that it’s not necessarily the first treat choice for a dog. Not when faced with the choice between the Knee Cap and the Pumper (a pig heart, baked like a jerky and quickly devoured), or a beef jerky treat. But the dogs I’ve given the Knee Cap to have tucked them away for later. Remember Miss Belle? And Pierre?

Pierre sniffs a Knee Cap

Her mama tells me that Belle has been hiding her Knee Cap all over the house, taking it out to gnaw on it all day long. She says the Knee Cap is now white and much smaller. Good dog. This seems to play out with other dogs as well. The Knee Cap is a bone, good for gnawing and teeth cleaning, not meant to be eaten as a treat in one sitting.

Safety Rules for Treats

Speaking of which, let’s run down the safety rules for treats.

  • Always monitor your dog when it’s eating a treat, especially if it’s a bone
  • Take a bone away from your dog if it splinters, and/or when it is small enough to be swallowed and be a choking hazard – Knee Caps are round in structure and far less likely to splinter
  • On that note, make sure you get the right size bone for your dog – larger than your dog’s mouth, but small enough to gnaw on (get it’s teeth around)

Blue Heeler listens intently, wants a Knee Cap from Jones

“Wait, you mean to tell me I can only have a bone to gnaw if it’s just the right size? GIVE. ME. THE. KNEE. CAP.”

I run into this problem all the time with dogs. They don’t understand when I explain things to them. *sigh* Rather, they just don’t WANT to understand. I wouldn’t either if a Jones chew was on the line.


So that’s the Jones Knee Cap! You know your dog wants one. My dogs want one, but I gave them all to other dogs. *sad face* We’re going to give one of YOUR dogs a Knee Cap, though! Just use the Rafflecopter thingy right below this to enter. Tweet daily! It works!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh! Speaking of dogs and bones, what do you do with your bones when your dogs are no longer interested in them?

Spreading the good chews …


PS – today’s post is gently recycled, but the giveaway is real and current. Enter now and tweet daily!!

30 thoughts on “5 Reasons A Knee Cap Is the All-Natural Rage

  1. Isa was just thinking Flea that Jones must use every body part of a cow or pig and they let nothin go to waste,, and we LOVE it!! My mom hasn’t cooked us anymore heartsgizzardliver thingy’s for a few weeks cos hers gotta go to the store. We live out in the sticks remember. I toles her to just go into the woods and get us a turkey or wild pig or something….if we lived with the JONES that is what they would do for sure!!! Our mom is to cityfied.
    Stella rose

  2. I sneak mine out to the back yard and bury it. But first I try to bury it under Momma’s pillow or the couch cushion. But, she always finds it. So when she’s not looking, I bury it in the garden.

  3. OK…question. Do these and the other bone treats make a mess of carpet? I want Roxy and Torrey to chew on things more, especially Roxy since she will not let me brush her teeth. These look like they would taste good to them, so that might entice more chewing. But i have a small floor, mostly carpet, and I worry about a gooey mess.

  4. we keep the bones after she’s lost interest because we always have the neighbor dogs over and they are happy to have them!

  5. I take them away when he gets sick of them and then give them to him a couple days later so he thinks its something new again

  6. I either rotate them around (hide them for a while, then when I give them again they seem new) or I give them to my sibling’s dogs.

  7. I’ll put it away for awhile then give it to her a few weeks later after I have rubbed a tiny drop or two of liquid smoke on it and she thinks it’s a brand new bone.

  8. Woof Layla is a big fan of your bones – grrr pretty please Mom and to answer your question when she has had enough of one there is an elderly gentleman that comes to our dogpark with his dog so when Layla gets bored, Josie the dog gets them and she gobbles them up – so no waste over here

  9. My dogs never get sick of bones! I need to take them away from them sometimes when they have been working on them for too long.

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