Alternatives to Rawhide Chews

Rawhide chews are designed to be long lasting chews for dogs of all ages and sizes. But, many pet parents have been raising concerns about potential dangers involved with giving rawhide to their furry friends. At Jones Natural Chews, we offer a wide variety of products that are delicious, safe alternatives to rawhide chews.

Here are four of our favorite rawhide alternatives:

1. USA Bully Basted products. Born, raised and manufactured in the U.S.A., all of our bully basted pork products are basted in a tasty bully broth and baked to perfection with no artificial ingredients. Our Bully Basted Ch’earz pork chins and Bully Strips are great for dogs of all sizes and are soft and easily digestible, making them great alternatives to rawhide.

2. Stuffed products. Ideal for more aggressive chewers, stuffed chews allow dogs to dig for the treats buried inside and satisfy the chewing urge for hours. Our stuffed snacks include an assortment of bones and body part chews – including hooves and tracheas – filled with a variety of meats, cheese and/or rice. Choose from the Jawzer Bone, Bandit’s Bully Bone, Cheesy Bone, Stuffed Hooves or Stuffed Windees.

3. K9 Bacon Rolls. Our K9 Bacon Rolls are natural, USA pork skin rolled up like a retriever roll . Choose from three different sizes for a crunchy, fully ingestible treat that will give your dog a great chewing experience.


4. Curly Q Pizzle. The Curly Q is a good protein source and is low in fat content, making it a healthy alternative chew. A natural USA bully stick beef pizzle, the Curly Q is perfectly curled and oven baked in its own natural casing for additional flavor. Best of all, it’s safe for dogs of all sizes!


All of our products are all natural, and 100% grown and made in the USA – so you can trust that you’re giving your dog the absolute best. Check out our website at for our full line of products, including several healthy alternative rawhide chews. We’re sure we have something your four legged friends will love.

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