Animals That Don’t Belong in the House

Animals That Don’t Belong in the House


Y’all, I totally forgot to tell you Klondike’s story on yesterday’s Great Pyrenees post. It’s a good thing today is This’n’That Thursday, hosted by 2 Brown Dawgs. A little of this and a little of that. Here’s what Klondike’s mom tells me about him:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″] Klondike was adopted from the Good Shepherd animal shelter in Eureka Springs, AR. He was a year and 6 mo old, and had been completely shaven due to mats everywhere. His name was Magellan as he Traveled the Earth:) He was terrified of men and wind, dumpsters, strange women, scared of everyone. We brought him home and have worked on socializing him. He is calm, happy and well trained now. He smiles at you by curling his upper lip, lol.[/quote]

Rescued Great Pyrenees
Klondike is the standing dog, just after he’s been rescued. Oh sweetie, I just want to scoop you up and feed you! His mama has done a fine job with him!

I love Klondike’s Elvis smile. 🙂 Thank you, Cathy, for sharing his story! Klondike truly is sweet and socialized. He took to me immediately.

Klondike does his Elvis impression
I love this Elvis smile. 🙂 Klondike loves his Crown Knuckle.

In other news, Humperdink is out and about for the first time in over a week.

Holland Lop, Humperdink
Humpy is sitting next to his buddy, Flash, enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet.

He’s no longer amorously pursuing the dogs or spraying the house, so hooray for neutering! However, he’s taken to chewing on cords. The first cord he destroyed was the charger for my phone. Boo! Hiss! Any hints and tips are appreciated in that regard.

Speaking of animals which probably shouldn’t be in the house, Boromir was inside yesterday.

A chicken and a dog - in the house
Boromir and Flash are not best friends.

*sigh* Flash knows that he can’t eat the chickens. He also knows that they don’t belong in the house. It makes him kinda crazy. See that face? He wants Boromir in the worst way. It’s cute when he starts stalking them, but I always put a stop to it. Here’s Boromir talking back to him.

Talking chicken
“Well Flash, it’s like this … you can’t have everything you want, including being able to eat the chickens which come into the house. It’s not my fault someone brought me inside.”

She’s a sassy chicken. She also keeps tabs on these two:

Canada goose and Aylesbury duck
Jimmy and Ryan walk around trash talking the other animals all day long.

Since Petey has been gone (see here), Jimmy has calmed down considerably. He went from trying to kill Ryan ALL THE TIME, to being his best friend. The two are inseparable.

Best friends
Jimmy’s giving me the eye. Jimmy’s always giving me the eye. He’s waiting for me to come out barefoot one day. Not gonna happen.

They’re a little bit of a bully pair, too, choosing all the best food for themselves and scaring off the chickens until they’ve had their fill. Truth be told, I don’t mind so much. Those girls have been awfully mean to Ryan.

Sweet Canada goose
Look at that sweet face. How on earth could anyone bully that sweet thing?!

If you’re wondering how Petey’s doing, his mom wrote me earlier in the week to say that he ate out of her hand for the first time and she was thrilled! So he’s doing well, hanging out with chickens and goats on a farm. His new mama is good to him.

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Until I write again …


14 thoughts on “Animals That Don’t Belong in the House

  1. Love Klondike’s smile and eyes! It’s wonderful that he’s so well loved now! Glad to hear Humperdink is on the mend, but bunnies like to chew, so you’ll have to keep anything he could harm (or be harmed by) out of his way.
    Prudence (& Theresa) recently posted..Feeling Nostalgic!My Profile

  2. Have my paws crossed that I can win that knuckle for my sister! As for your wabbit…Mom had a male neutered wabbit as a kid. He was a house wabbit and he chewed through all the cords in the house…TV, lamps, sewing machine, old fashioned plug in the wall phone…every single one! Gramma still has a lamp with a cord wrapped in electrical tape from Sniffer’s work. They don’t know why he was never electrocuted! Mom’s parents weren’t real happy with the expense of recording things either. Hopefully your wabbit won’t be as bad…
    emma recently posted..A Snoopy Lesson | GBGVMy Profile

  3. Thanks so much for participating in TNT! Love Klondike’s story. So glad he found a happy home. Glad all your animals are doing fine, well maybe Flash would say different…lol.

  4. Humperdink is so adorable! The best advice I can give is to just bunny proof the house from cords. Or don’t they make those cord cover thingies? And Ryan is huge now. He looks like a real goose!
    Ann “Paws” Staub recently posted..My Dog Has Swag!My Profile

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