Beef Trachea – Love it or Hate it? (Windees)

Beef Trachea – Love it or Hate it? (Windees)

I gave Windees (beef trachea) to four dogs this weekend. Meekah, a Pug; Brooke, a hefty Rat Terrier; Drake, a black Lab; Roxy, a senior dappled Dachshund. I was surprised at the reactions this Windee got from the dogs. Very surprised.

Beef Trachea? Hmm ...
Meekah checks out the Windee

Meekah and Brooke I expected – they sniffed the Windee and gave it a wide berth. They’re somewhat small dogs, so getting their little jaws around a Windee isn’t necessarily something they can do. But Drake?

Beef trachea - maybe?
Brooke gives the Jones beef trachea a courtesy sniff

Drake is definitely large enough to eat a Windee, or beef trachea, from Jones Natural Chews. Lookit.

Sad dog
Drake is a big boy. A little on the slender side, but his jaws are large enough to grab that Windee!

And I’m guessing you can tell by looking that Drake is also timid. I sat in the same spot for the 45 minutes or so that I was there, leaving the Windee out in the open, and Drake sniffed it, but never bit. He could have carried it across the yard and gnawed out of sight. And Drake was plenty happy about taking the Chicken Taffy from his mom. Meekah spent most of her time begging for more Chicken Taffy.

Cute little Pug
Meekah’s little face makes me LAUGH! Isn’t she adorable?

But no one touched the Windee.

This cute, Dachshund, however, is a different story.

Roxy, the senior Dachshund, eating a Chicken Taffy bit from Jones

I walked into the house, a Windee and a bag of Chicken Taffy in hand, and Roxy met me, already in motion. She was difficult to photograph, since she was all about the treat. I took one look at her little face and thought, “This dog will NEVER get that tiny jaw around a Windee!”

Beef trachea - treat of super Dachshunds!
Holy moley! And she was gone!

Huh. Prove me wrong, why doncha. Y’all, I can’t recall a more difficult dog to take a picture of than miss 9 year old Roxy. She was all about the treats. Funny thing is, her mom says she never acts this way.

Yield to the paw!
Look at that tiny paw pinning down the Windee – no mistaking whose treat this is!

Roxy was dragging the bag of Chicken Taffy out of my hand. But unwrapping the Windee was what really set her off. Anything to keep it out of reach of the people.

A Dachshund with a beef trachea
Come to the Dark Side. We have Windees.

Who knew that beef trachea would be such a big hit with little dogs? Jones knew, I guess!

Mama put the treats on the table. Bad mama!

I even took video. I couldn’t believe what this tiny snouted dog was doing to this gigantic treat.


So I come home to this:

Chicken and pumpkin
The chickens weren’t as thrilled with their pumpkin as Roxy was with the Windee beef trachea.

I would be remiss if I ended this post without telling you that:

  1. Jones Natural Chews are all natural, all the time
  2. Jones Natural Chews are 100% grown and made in the USA
  3. Always supervise your dog when it’s eating a treat
  4. Never give treats to a hungry dog – you wouldn’t give cake to a hungry toddler
  5. This is my birthday month
  6. I’ll have another giveaway this week – maybe even tomorrow!

Until I write again …


P.S. If y’all want to go in together on that baby elephant, that’s fine. I just need to check on local zoning laws …

16 thoughts on “Beef Trachea – Love it or Hate it? (Windees)

  1. For those of us who have Dachshunds, this is no surprise at all. They would try to tackle a tree stump if it smelled tasty enough. Dachshund should translate to Food Hound.
    Most of the tracheas I’ve seen are smaller… these Windees are huge! My two would be in heaven! They wouldn’t need that much at one time, but there would be no getting it away from them once they had it, so I wonder if you can cut them in half. Are they cuttable (not a word, I know).

    P.S. Signing up to follow by email. I’ve been trying to follow folks with Bloglovin’ and I’m just not keeping up. I need an email in my inbox poking at me.
    Pam | Words With Wieners recently posted..Tuesday’s Tails: Featuring Lacey – An Adoptable DachshundMy Profile

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