Best Hoof for Dogs

Best Hoof for Dogs

Best Hoof for Dogs

Not to seem arrogant or anything, but Jones Natural Chews Stuffed Hoof is TOTALLY the best hoof for dogs. Don’t take my word for it! Some of my favorite dogs, as well as new dog friends, have been trying out the Stuffed Hoof and the consensus is in – this is definitively the best hoof for dogs. Why? Let’s look at the ingredients in a Stuffed Hoof.

  • beef hoof
  • chicken
  • cane sugar
  • molasses
  • water
  • vegetable glycerin
  • rye flour
  • rice flour
  • citric acid
  • buffered white distilled vinegar
  • vegetable oil
  • mixed tocopherols (preservative)
  • lecithin
  • rosemary extract

The ingredients are 100% all natural. Tocopherols are a natural preservative. The ingredients are also 100% grown in the USA. I do love that about Jones.

Two in One Treat

Y’all, dogs have been waiting for the Stuffed Hoof longer than they knew. This is the treat to end all treats. In fact, this is what you should be giving out at your dog Halloween party. Just ask Scooby.

The Stuffed Hoof from Jones Natural Chews is the best hoof for dogs, according to Scooby
The Stuffed Hoof from Jones Natural Chews is the new best Scooby snack, according to Scooby the Chihuahua

The beauty of the Stuffed Hoof is that it’s both a gnawing chew – great for  dog’s dental health, as well as for teething puppies – and a consumable treat. The stuffing will keep a dog occupied long enough for you to get out the door, while the Hoof itself will keep your dog chewing for the afternoon. Two in one!

Great Gnawing Treat for Teething Puppies and Grown Dogs

I know I keep harping on the dental aspect of the Hoof, but seriously? It’s the perfect teether for puppies. It’s not a bone, so the likelihood of it cracking teeth is far less. Being cartilage, it’s not going to splinter. This treat gets gummy (and sometimes stinky) as a dog gnaws on it, but still does the awesome job of scrubbing teeth and gums.

Plus, once your dog has eaten every tiny bit of chicken filling from the Stuffed Hoof, you can swipe a tiny bit of peanut butter into the cavity and give it back to your dog. Instant love affair! The peanut butter being on the inside of the Hoof means it’s not all over your carpet or furniture.

River Song with a Stuffed Hoof from Jones Natural Chews
River Song completely ignored me in order to devour the innards of this Stuffed Hoof from Jones Natural Chews


But my very favorite part of writing about Jones Natural Chews is giving them away! When you experience your dog chewing or devouring a Jones Natural Chew, you understand.

River Song prepares to be a happy dog with her Stuffed Hoof from Jones Natural Chews
River Song prepares to be a happy dog with her Stuffed Hoof from Jones Natural Chews

Some lucky dog will be the winner of our Stuffed Hooves, and it could be your dog! Entering our giveaway is the easy part. Waiting to see if you win, not so much. Ready? To enter to win, simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which will open, click the giveaway box in that post, then click I Commented! It’s that simple. Your dog will be on pins and needles waiting to see if you won. And really, you’ll both be winners.

Can’t wait? Head to your local feed or pet store and ask if they’re carrying Jones Natural Chews, and specifically the Stuffed Hooves. If they aren’t, it’s easy enough to order some from Natural Dog Treat Shop or Jeffers Pet. Your dog wants this treat. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


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