Bigfoot Sighting, FBM 200

Bigfoot Sighting, FBM 200

Bigfoot Sighting

Yes, I’m going there. The land of the Bigfoot sighting. Why? After the election, I find myself asking, Why not? So you get Bigfoot. Okay, to be honest, my youngest child’s (he’s 19) nickname is Squatch, short for Sasquatch. He’s at least 6’5″. We haven’t measured in awhile. And I keep meaning to do Bigfoot research. So today is my day. If you can call it research. What better day than our 200th Funny Bone Monday? What I’ve long wondered is why, in this day of cameras on every phone, we don’t yet have definitive proof of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster and UFOs? The heck, people? Get on this! Unless they’re not real … So enjoy what videos we do have of Bigfoot. He’s out there. In fact, here in Oklahoma we have a Bigfoot festival in the mountains south of here. Let’s take a look at our first body of proof, shall we?

Pretty cool, right? Did that look like a Bigfoot to you? Do you even know what to look for in an authentic Bigfoot? Evidently this next guy does.

But I need PROOF, people! My dogs need proof! They don’t sleep at night, wondering if Bigfoot is real. So you tell me – is the following video enough to convince you of Sasquatch’s existence?

My real question is, if Bigfoot is real, would he like some Jones Natural Chews as treats? I’m betting some Big Paw Jerky would be right up his alley. Last one, people. Last one!

So what say you? Real or hoax? Does the Bigfoot legend have any credibility? I’m not quite buying it. Like I said before, in this day and age of the ever present camera, there should be more and better proof. Tell me what you think and why!


We have a winner! No, not a winner of your very own Sasquatch, though wouldn’t that be cool? Harry and the Hendersons all over again! No no no – we have a Jones Natural Chews Frank N Woofer winner! Say that three times fast. And the winner is … (via random number generator, via Rafflecopter)

Kate Volz! Again Kate wins! Kate’s winning entry was a tweet! I’m telling you, if you want to win, it really helps to tweet about the giveaway daily! Congratulations, Kate!

Now go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Preferably the Big Paw Jerky. I hear that’s Bigfoot’s favorite. 😉

Spreading the good chews …


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