Bully Basted Ch’Earz Giveaway

Bully Basted Ch’Earz Giveaway

Bully Basted Ch’Earz Giveaway

What’s that, you say? You’ve never heard of the Bully Basted Ch’Earz? Allow me to introduce you to a brand new treat from Jones Natural Chews! I’m so excited to be the first to tell you about this great consumable from Jones! Take a look at our yummy Bully Basted Ch’Earz!

Bully Basted Ch'Earz from Jones Natural Chews
Bully Basted Ch’Earz from Jones Natural Chews – what’s not to love?

Still confused about what this treat is? First, and best of all, in my opinion, this is a single ingredient treat. Pork chin. Second, let’s explain the weird name.

  • Bully Basted – this treat is basted with Bully Stick broth, giving it extra yummy flavor
  • Ch’ – this is a pork chin, hence the “ch”
  • Earz – the chin is cut to look like a pig ear, but it’s not – the chin is actually yummier than an ear, since it’s fattier, so your dog will devour it

Got it? Because the Bully Basted Ch’Earz is a chin, I’ll ask you to give these to your dog in moderation. It’s a treat, after all, not food.

How Does Jones Describe Their New Treat?

Jones has this to say about the Bully Basted Ch’Earz:

Dogs of all sizes are cheering for our Bully Basted Ch’Earz. These dog chews are pork chins, bully basted, and baked to perfection with no artificial ingredients. Bully Basted Ch’Earz are a fun alternative to the pig ear. As always, Jones’ products are grown and made in the USA.

I describe this new treat as super awesome. Because it is. Don’t believe me? Let’s ask a dog.

What Do Dogs Think of the Bully Basted Ch’Earz?

Our first test dog is Katana, my friend’s Pit/Husky mix (we think). She’s nearly a year old, and already spoiled for Jones Natural Chews. This makes her a great test subject, since we know she’s already a treat snob. Katana says hello to the Bully Basted Ch’Earz.

Bully Basted Ch'Earz from Jones Natural Chews
Katana doesn’t just meet and greet this treat. She immediately takes it from me. I had to hold on tight to get a photo.

It took Katana a few minutes to devour this pork chin properly. I was surprised, since she has sharp puppy teeth and a strong jaw, but it took a bit of chewing to eat the Bully Basted Ch’Earz. This lets me know that it’s both substantial, and a long lasting chew (as in days, if taken away after five minutes of chewing) for small dogs.

Bully Basted Ch'Earz from Jones Natural Chews - Treat your dog to happiness
Katana settles in for the long chew, silently devouring this pork chin from Jones Natural Chews.


We’ll get to know the Bully Basted Ch’Earz more intimately over the next couple of weeks, so this is all I’ll say about it for now. Let’s get to the good part – the giveaway! If your dog would love to have its very own single ingredient, all natural, all US grown and baked pork treats, simply click the box below and follow the instructions! I’ll tell you now that you’ll have to leave a comment to enter. And that it helps tremendously to tweet about the giveaway. You can tweet every day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Got it? Now go give your dog some Jones Natural Chews. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


21 thoughts on “Bully Basted Ch’Earz Giveaway

  1. Coco says she is way too young to go to school! She said she’ll stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s while Mommy is at work. 🙂

  2. My dog is not going back to school this fall. Although she really should considering she dropped out of school. She did complete puppy class and we signed her up for another class after that but we ended up dropping out. She could definitely use some additional training in school.

  3. My dog is a canine good citizen so when he goes to school, it is to teach students safety around dogs.

  4. No. My dogs think they are smart enuf and don’t need anymore of that educating stuff….They have us right where they want us!

  5. My dogs would LOVE these!! They’re not going back to school, though, they’re on permanent vacation, need a lot of time to enjoy all their delicious Jones Natural Chews!!

  6. Artie graduated after we adopted him. It was a condition of his adoption that we take him to obedience school.

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