What to Consider When Selecting Dog Food

All dogs are different. They come in different shapes, sizes, breeds and with varying energy levels. Dog food is as different and varied as dog breeds. Our pups are beloved members of the family, and we want to feed them that way. There are so many things to take into consideration when selecting dog food, … Read moreWhat to Consider When Selecting Dog Food

4 Ways to Avoid an Overheated Dog

Loves his new bone - dog bones from Jones Natural Chews are the best! for an overheaeted dog

4 Ways to Avoid an Overheated Dog August, the hottest month of the year in the northern hemisphere. Also known as the Dog Days of Summer. This time of year is when you’re most likely to have an overheated dog. No one wants that. I think dogs are getting a bum rap. I mean, my … Read more4 Ways to Avoid an Overheated Dog

Dog Chew Safety Tips

Only Jones Natural Chews will do - dog chew safety

Dog Chew Safety Today’s post is gently recycled. I do hope to be home from my last leg of road trip today. Dog chew safety is an important topic, though, so please leave feedback! Yesterday we talked about Jones Natural Chews being 100% Made in the USA, as well as touching on the all natural … Read moreDog Chew Safety Tips

Dog Dental Health – Bones

Jones Natural Chews - Dogs know the difference

Dog Dental Health – Bones We’re tackling the big one today – dog dental health and bones. There are several schools of thought concerning dog dental health. One, the school of thought I follow, is all for bones and sturdy meat chews for a dog’s gum and tooth health. We’ll talk more about that in … Read moreDog Dental Health – Bones

Leftovers Day

Tiny Aussie, working dog for Labor Day

Today is officially Leftovers Day, yes? I declare it so. How many of you had pie for breakfast this morning? *hand waving wildly* How many of you gave the dog leftovers? *crickets* Good. Y’all, the rules for what you can and cannot feed your dogs have been floating around the internet for as long as … Read moreLeftovers Day

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

Tired puppy

May is nearly over and summer has begun in much of the southern USA, at least weather-wise. Today we’re going to focus on four ways to keep your dog cool this summer. 1.  WATER WATER WATER – Seriously. You can’t give your dog enough water this time of year, regardless of how much time they spend … Read more4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

Disaster Relief on Tasty Tuesday

Thunder sky

My heart is breaking this morning. My neighbors just a hundred miles south are looking for their children, pets, parents. Oklahoma in spring is a fierce place to live. Tulsa seems to skirt the major tornadic activity, but our friends in Moore … am praying for the survivors. Today I should be talking about the … Read moreDisaster Relief on Tasty Tuesday

Big Dog Taste – Big Paw Jerky

Weimaraner eating a JNC Jerky

Why would a dog owner want to find and buy Jones Natural Chews jerky for their dog? Why not just buy dog jerky from the grocery store? I ask myself these questions on Tuesdays. I spent some time researching dog jerky this morning. Do you know what I found? Scary things. All involving chicken jerky … Read moreBig Dog Taste – Big Paw Jerky

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