Little Dog and Flea Update

Cindy asks for more Jones Natural Chews

Before we tackle the little dog issue, know that this gently recycled post is fairly recent. I’ve been taking inventory, lately, of things for which I’m thankful. Most of us do that this time of year, yes? It may seem obvious, but it hit me like a two-by-four between the eyes – I’m thankful to … Read moreLittle Dog and Flea Update

Waiting in Limbo with Dogs

Affenpinscher mutt

Waiting in Limbo Thanks for being on this moving journey with me. We’re currently waiting in limbo for a place to live. Hunny and I are living with my mother, but she’ll be putting her house on the market soon. The fun part of waiting in limbo? The dogs. Life Disrupted For one thing, I … Read moreWaiting in Limbo with Dogs

Moving to the Country Update

Kidding season on the homestead is serious business for the farm dogs

Moving to the Country Update I’ve been telling y’all, off and on for a few months, that we’re getting the house ready to sell, getting ready to move. I’m not sure that I’ve said a whole lot more than that. I know I’ve told y’all about our homesteading friends (and you’ve met all of their … Read moreMoving to the Country Update

I Worry About My Dogs

Senior Aussie mixes wait for a Jones Natural Chew

I Worry About My Dogs I worry about my dogs. Don’t you? I have four dogs. Two are 15 years old and Aussie mixes, and two are young lapdogs. They’re all cute. Don’t all moms think their children are cute? Alright, I’ll be honest – the most photogenic dog is ugly, poor dear. I don’t … Read moreI Worry About My Dogs

Call from the Oncologist

Smug little lamb - the oncologist cleared me!

Call from the Oncologist This cancer journey is never ending! At least, that’s how it feels. And this week I (finally) got a call from the oncologist regarding my CT scan. The CT scan was done to check for shadows on my lungs and liver, the two places that cancer would show up if it … Read moreCall from the Oncologist

Friday Funny Flea-ism

Dog Jokes and dog personalities

Friday Funny Flea-ism This writing Flea-isms is tougher than I thought. So I’m hoping that Friday Funny Flea-isms becomes a thing. Last night, falling asleep, today’s Friday Funny jumped into my brain. Believe it or not, I don’t think about Jones Natural Chews 24/7. More like half my waking hours. I truly do love and … Read moreFriday Funny Flea-ism

Leftover Friday Dog Funnies

Is that beef jerky I smell? Dog funnies, Jones Natural Chews

Leftover Friday Dog Funnies It’s Friday. I have leftover dog funnies which my friends on Facebook helped create. I thought you might like to see them. Granted, they’re not cats (this is the internet, after all), but you’re all dog people or you wouldn’t be here. The star of the dog funnies show is our … Read moreLeftover Friday Dog Funnies

3 Things I’m Grateful For

Almost ours

3 Things I’m Grateful For Omigoodness – yes, this is a gently recycled post, but when I look at last year and this year, I’m blown away. Three things I’m grateful for this year look similar, but vastly different. This year I’m grateful to be alive. I’m joining the grateful bandwagon. I’m not a joiner, … Read more3 Things I’m Grateful For

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