Cute Dogs Waiting, FBM 247

cute dogs Waiting for his human

Cute Dogs Waiting Happy Funny Bone Monday! We strive, every Monday, to put a smile on your face, to ready you for whatever the work week brings. Today’s smiles are courtesy of cute dogs waiting … for kids to get home from school and for owners in various situations. These Monday dog videos are always … Read moreCute Dogs Waiting, FBM 247

Good Monday Morning! FBM 245

Good Monday morning! Treat your dog to happiness with Jones Natural Chews

Good Monday Morning! It’s a Monday morning in late October and the fall weather has finally arrived in Tulsa, Oklahoma! My little dogs are of two minds about it. Gadget, who has more body fat than he should, is loving the cooler weather. Chewy, tiny thing that he is, shivers and curls up in my … Read moreGood Monday Morning! FBM 245

Life Saving Dogs, FBM 241

Rescue dog turned therapy dog

Life Saving Dogs Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today we veer slightly from the funny to enjoy a few heart warming videos about life saving dogs. Who doesn’t love a good story with a hero, especially when that hero has four legs and a fur coat? Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing, after all. … Read moreLife Saving Dogs, FBM 241

Dog Caught Eating Trash, FBM 237

Sad little Gadget swears that he didn't destroy a thing - dog caught eating trash? Not in this house.

Dog Caught Eating Trash Happy Funny Bone Monday! Y’all know I like my themes, and due to recent events in my own home, today’s is dog caught eating trash. I won’t mention the dog by name, since they’re easily embarrassed, and more easily forgiven, but it’s definitely one of my favorite dogs. And what’s so … Read moreDog Caught Eating Trash, FBM 237

Dogs Can’t Even, FBM 236

Dogs can't even - Funny Bone Monday

Dogs Can’t Even Happy Funny Bone Monday, and welcome to Dogs Can’t Even! Before we launch into our funny dog videos, I want you to finish this sentence: My dog can’t even ______. I’ll go first. My dogs can’t even go outside without being attacked by a duck. Poor dogs. How about your dogs? What … Read moreDogs Can’t Even, FBM 236

Five Funny Years, FBM 234

Happy birthday wishes to yoooooooou! Five funny years!

Five Funny Years Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today we continue to celebrate our Jones Natural Chews five year blogaversary – five funny years of dog and animal videos. Thank you for being here and enjoying the ride! Today we enjoy dogs celebrating birthdays, which, happily enough, can be hilarious. Check it out, and stayed tuned, … Read moreFive Funny Years, FBM 234

Funny Dog Treat, FBM 233

These ARE the treats I'm looking for - Jones Natural Chews funny dog treat

Funny Dog Treat Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s topic is funny dog treat – weird, huh? It’s been too long since our funny dog videos revolved around treats, and treats are what we do. This month, especially, celebrating our five year anniversary as the official blog for Jones Natural Chews, we want to enjoy the … Read moreFunny Dog Treat, FBM 233

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