Real Beef for Real Dogs

Treat your dog to happiness with Jones Natural Chews

Real Beef for Real Dogs Today’s real beef for real dogs isn’t your typical beef. You may be thinking of ground beef in a recipe, or beef jerky. You might even think steak when I say real beef. And some dog treat companies will tout real beef like it’s a big deal, when there’s only … Read moreReal Beef for Real Dogs

DIY: Choose Your Own Treat

Sharing the all natural treats! in a surprise treat giveaway

DIY: Choose Your Own Treat I think that blogging consistently, five days a week, is kind of a big deal. Blogging for Jones Natural Chews is always a big deal, since they make the very best dog treats money can buy, being all natural and all USA grown and made. But the five year part? … Read moreDIY: Choose Your Own Treat

Frank n Woofer Giveaway Happiness

Focus on the all natural dog treat from Jones Natural Chews, little Shih Tzu

Frank n Woofer Giveaway Happiness Today’s giveaway shall bring happiness to dogs. Thus decrees the Good Flea. Y’all, our Frank n Woofer giveaway will make your dog smile nine ways to Sunday. Why? Because our Frank n Woofer is GOOOOOOOD. Don’t believe me? Ask Buster. Let’s find out what the Frank n Woofer is made … Read moreFrank n Woofer Giveaway Happiness

Spring Fling Giveaway from Jones

Spring Fling from Jones - dogs know the difference

Spring Fling Giveaway from Jones Y’all, I’m leaving Atlanta in a few minutes to drive to Myrtle Beach, so I’m cheating and recycling. But I’d probably write this exact same post all over again. Because it’s still SPRING! What better time for the Spring Fling giveaway than now?!? And everything you need to know about this … Read moreSpring Fling Giveaway from Jones

Bark Burgers Giveaway

Dogs love Bark Burgers from Jones Natural Chews, our latest treat!

Bark Burgers Giveaway Oh my dog – you are going to LOVE our last new treat from Jones Natural Chews! Y’all, I did save the best for last. They’re Bark Burgers!!! Like our Woofers, ONLY BETTER. Okay, I’m not gonna lie – the Woofers are single ingredient treats, which makes them pretty much the best … Read moreBark Burgers Giveaway

Strap Stick Giveaway

The Strap Stick from Jones Natural Chews - Making dogs smile

Strap Stick from Jones Natural Chews Welcome to another Jones Natural Chews giveaway! This week’s featured treat is from Jones’ latest line of treats, just introduced last month, the Strap Stick! Here’s what Jones has to say about this yummy single ingredient treat for dogs. Dogs will love these Strap Sticks! Strap Sticks are a … Read moreStrap Stick Giveaway

Chicken Duck Feet Giveaway

All natural Duck Feet are the latest offerings for dogs from Jones Natural Chews

Chicken Duck Feet Giveaway You read that right on both counts – chicken duck feet AND a giveaway! Jones Natural Chews has never, in it’s 30 year history, produced chicken or duck feet. They look kinda funny, but dogs love them. And I’m going to walk you through three things: The types of chicken duck … Read moreChicken Duck Feet Giveaway

Jones Latest Treats Revealed

Beefee Snapz, Jones latest treats for discerning dogs - all meat and all natural! The perfect size dog treat.

Jones Latest Treats Revealed Jones Natural Chews rolls out all of their new treats in the month of March, at the Global Pet Expo. Which is this week, in case you’re missing it (I’m missing it). This year Jones latest treats are many. This means good things for you! Why? Because I’m here to give … Read moreJones Latest Treats Revealed

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