Tips from our President and CEO

We recently caught up with Joe Wallington, president and newly appointed CEO of Jones Natural Chews, for the latest company news. Joe shared some great information about the history of Jones Natural Chews, insight on how the company is meeting the needs of pet parents, some of his dog’s favorite products in our new Jones Select line, plus how to identify the safest ingredients for your dog.

Part 4: Tribute to Robert L. Jones

We hope you’ve learned a little more about our family and what Jones Natural Chews means to us throughout our “Tribute to Dad” series. Today, Suzy, our youngest sister, shares meaningful words about our father’s lifelong commitment to bettering his business and the community.  What can I say about a hero who has and will … Read morePart 4: Tribute to Robert L. Jones

Part 2: Tribute to Robert L. Jones

Today is the second part of our “Tribute to Dad” series, where we get a glimpse at Robert L. Jones’ life as a devoted father, husband and founder of Jones Natural Chews. Dean Jones, vice president of production for the company, shares childhood memories of working side-by-side with Robert to help build the Jones family … Read morePart 2: Tribute to Robert L. Jones

Part 1: Tribute to Robert L. Jones

The New Year has us feeling nostalgic about our dad, Robert L. Jones, who dedicated 38 years to make Jones Natural Chews the leading manufacturer of premium, all-natural, made in the USA dog treats and chews it is today. Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a look back at the time he spent growing … Read morePart 1: Tribute to Robert L. Jones

Fidose of Reality, Pawer Women

Patches want to be on the Pawer Women list for Fidose of Reality. She swears she inspires dogs everywhere. in her journey of discovery

Fidose of Reality, Pawer Women Fidose of Reality, an amazing blog for dog lovers of a higher order, comes out with a list of Pawer Women every year. This year I’m on the list! Can you believe it? Here’s what Carol, the author of Fidose, has to say about the list: Fidose of Reality announces … Read moreFidose of Reality, Pawer Women

The Dogs of Jones Natural Chews, Nicole (Dachshund)

Happy Doxy

IF YOU HAVEN’T ENTERED THE TREAT GIVEAWAY, DO IT NOW! Welcome to another in our series of The Dogs of Jones Natural Chews! Today we get to know Nicole and her dog a little better. Thank you, Nicole, for pawticipating in this interview process! I love getting to know my long-distance coworkers better. 🙂 Who … Read moreThe Dogs of Jones Natural Chews, Nicole (Dachshund)

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