Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Jones Natural Chews Pumper - a Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Pork Heart Dog Valentine Wednesday It’s a BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday (where we’re never wordless), and because we’re hosting a Jones Natural Chews Pumpers giveaway right now, it’s a Pork Heart Dog Valentine Wednesday! Is your dog your Valentine? Mine sure is. Little Gadget has captured my heart. And because he has, he also captures plenty … Read morePork Heart Dog Valentine

Lucy Pet Products Product Review

The coconut leave-in conditioner from Surfin' Jack smells just like a day at the beach!

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY? CLICK HERE AND IT WILL OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW. Why go to events like BarkWorld and BlogPaws if not to tell you about new products upon my return? Today we talk about Lucy Pet Products. Specifically, Surfin’ Jack Coconut Leave-In Conditioner for dogs. but we’ll also talk about Lucy … Read moreLucy Pet Products Product Review

NuKleen Odor Neutralizer Review

NuKleen odor neutralizer

I’ve been promising a product review for a week, and here it is! While at the Boone County fair in Belvidere, IL, my boss and I met the gentleman, Paul Kelly, who started and runs the NuKleen business. He discovered the formula for the NuKleen odor neutralizer. Of course my boss and I were skeptical – … Read moreNuKleen Odor Neutralizer Review

ToteTails Custom Dog Themed Tote Bags (*squeee*)

Custom dog themed tote bag with the Jones mascot! *squeee*

Secret about the Good Flea – I’m a tote bag addict. Soap you knew. This you did not. So when I came across (thank you, Kimberly!) a start up company, ToteTails, which makes custom dog themed tote bags, and was looking for bloggers willing to write reviews, I was all SIGN ME UP. And this … Read moreToteTails Custom Dog Themed Tote Bags (*squeee*)

Of Giveaway and Review

Bentley the Basset Hound

One of my favorite little French Bulldogs, King Louie, is giving away a bag of Jones Natural Chews. No, really! He is! Pop over and enter to win! And look at this cute little face – Louie swears he’s one of Jones’ biggest fans. Y’all, all dogs say that. Seriously. In fact, I’ll introduce you, … Read moreOf Giveaway and Review

Soap Review, A Blessed Mess

All natural soap review

Y’all know I love my bar soap. I’ve reviewed Aubrey’s Goodies Unlimited soap, and Chubbs Bars dog shampoo, which I use on my own hair. But I feel like I’m always looking for new bar soap for the shower. Something hydrating, given my thyroid and dry skin. So when I saw Carma Poodale’s Sissy Sarah touting … Read moreSoap Review, A Blessed Mess

Book Review, The Returns

Book review, The Returns

IF YOU HAVEN’T YET, GO ENTER THE BANDIT’S BONE GIVEAWAY!!! (Opens in a separate window) Y’all, you’re sitting in your warm, cozy houses, trying to keep your minds off temperatures and wind chills below zero. You know you are. And what better way to do it than with a book that will whisk you away … Read moreBook Review, The Returns

Snap Leash Review

Dogs on a SnapLeash

A good friend, Haopee of My Dogs Love Me, asked if I’d do a review for Snap Leash. Haopee doesn’t live in the US, and didn’t feel right about doing the review, since the company is US based. Well, I obviously love companies which are based in America, what with representing a 100% made in … Read moreSnap Leash Review

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