How to Train Your Dog Using Treats

Think back to being a kid. There were times you were probably asked to clean your room, wash dishes or maybe even do laundry. There may have even been a dollar amount associated as the incentive to push you to complete those chores. Dogs don’t care about money, but they certainly do love their treats! … Read moreHow to Train Your Dog Using Treats

Setting Your Pet Up For Success

That old, tired maxim, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” just isn’t true. Dogs are learners. In some ways, they are so much smarter – or perhaps just more astute – than us. Sometimes it just takes the right motivation, like a delicious new chew or treat. But puppies? Puppies can learn nine … Read moreSetting Your Pet Up For Success

How To Satisfy Your Dog’s Chewing Urges

Dogs have a natural urge to chew. According to Pets MD, dogs chew for a number of reasons, including for attention and play, to keep their teeth and gums healthy or to deal with insecurity, separation anxiety or hunger. For younger dogs, chewing also helps to relieve pain that might be caused by incoming teeth, and … Read moreHow To Satisfy Your Dog’s Chewing Urges

Trick or Treat Training to Win Treats

Jimmy in a Bow Tie

Trick or treat training to win treats – what a mouthful! But that’s what we’re doing today. Giving each of you an opportunity to learn a trick and win a treat for your dog! Jodi, of Kol’s Notes, and Jessica, of Beagles and Bargains, are hosting the Trick or Treat blog hop to make this … Read moreTrick or Treat Training to Win Treats

Backyard Chickens and Dogs

Brown Leghorn chicken

Many of you know that I have backyard chickens and dogs. People all over the country are jumping on the backyard chicken bandwagon. It’s crazy! I didn’t begin this journey with the intention of getting chickens. I didn’t. They were a cruel prank. A friend brought over a baby chick while we were out. I … Read moreBackyard Chickens and Dogs

Puppy Training with Chewy, Pt. 1

Tired puppy

Y’all have all met Chewy, our newest family member and a suspected Affenpinscher: He’s a handsome boy, no doubt, and I’m eternally grateful to his foster mom that this tiny dog came housebroken, but he’s in need of training. Shoot, our whole family is in need of puppy training. So I signed us up for … Read morePuppy Training with Chewy, Pt. 1

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