Do Cats Like Dog Treats?

Do Cats Like Dog Treats?

Maybe you don’t all know this, but dogs LOVE cat treats.

No cat treats for dogs!
See that look of shock on Chewy’s face? He prefers Jones chews to a cat treat. Flash is old and indiscriminate, however.

First, dogs will eat nearly anything. ANYTHING. Mine eat duck and chicken poop, for Pete’s sake. But do cat’s like dog treats? Cats, the finicky eaters of legend:

Shoot, most cats barely eat their own food, much less dog treats. Our own Bosco, for example, will only eat one kind of cat food, a dry kibble, and nothing else. NOTHING ELSE. Crazy. But Liam?

A cat with a pig ear from Jones
Liam was pretty serious about this Pig Ear. Yes, some cats like dog treats. Especially Jones chews.

And Bert, Emma’s cat bro, likes Jones bones. So why would a cat like a dog treat? What is it about the treat? I’ve read that cat foods are higher in protein (meat) than dog foods, which is why dogs might pass up their own kibble for cat food. And Jones Natural Chews are mostly protein. Is that it?

Wheezer Sticks - beef esophagus from Jones
Wheezer Sticks are part of the beef esophagus. Dogs love ’em. Protein to the max.

Some cats like the Jones Beef Liver Taffy. Soft and meaty, it’s a real protein treat. Here’s what Pets’n’Nature has to say about treats (not food) for cats and dogs:

Treats can be made to be absolutely suitable for both cats and dogs, especially if they are made mostly from meat which is a natural food for both cats and dogs. This kind of treats is sometimes marketed just for cats or just for dogs, but this is just a marketing trick that helps manufacturers to attract cat lovers or dog lovers.

So SHOULD you give your cat dog treats? Or dog food? Our last cat occasionally nommed on the dog food, but only once in a while. I think it was just part of an ongoing feud between the cat and dogs. He just wanted to drive the dogs nuts, knowing he’d touched their food. And once in a while, a nibble or two, it’s no big deal. But a steady diet of dog food for your cat won’t give it the nutrients it needs, just like a steady diet of cat food won’t give the dog what it needs.

Though my grandmother only fed her Boston Terrier Meow Mix. Exclusively.

Boston Terrier with Fred and Bessie
Her Boston, Miss Beasley, looked almost exactly like this one.

We don’t like to talk about that side of the family.

I’d say yes, that your cat is welcome to eat any of the Jones Natural Chews that would appeal to it. The treats are, after all, 100% all natural, and 100% sourced and made in the USA. They’re primarily just meat and bones, so Jones will have the protein content that your cat needs, as a treat. No creature should be living solely off of treats, just like no child should be living solely off of cake and ice cream.

Blue Velvet and Carrot
These are cakes. Funnel cakes. One looks rather like intestines. I don’t care what it looks like, a steady diet of this would be BAD.

In fact, my guess is that Jones meaty treats are probably higher quality than a lot of cat treats, with fewer ingredients and better protein. The trick is whether or not your cat will eat them. Cats really ARE finicky eaters, after all.

Let me know, will ya, if your cat likes dog treats? In fact, if you were at Blog Paws and took home Jones chews, did your cat sample any of them? I’m seriously curious. People ask pretty regularly if Jones makes treats for cats and the answer is no, but there are cats that like them, so I’m looking for the why of that. Finding all natural, made in the USA quality treats for cats seems to be a little more difficult than finding them for dogs. I’d love to hear what y’all have to say! I’d especially like to hear what Slim Doggy and Slim Kitty have to say.

Oh! And if you’re looking for Jones, look no further than the local pet or feed store. Call around and ask. Head to the Jones retail page. And if you’re still coming up blank, pop over to Natural Dog Treat Shop to find the full line of treats!

Until I write again …


P.S. Some things we’ve found that cats like – ear wax (don’t ask) and muscle rub, once activated (Tiger Balm type of thing)

4 thoughts on “Do Cats Like Dog Treats?

  1. Bert is just plain not an ordinary cat! He also steals our dog food if we aren’t guarding it. He just wants to eat all the time. Sophie my cat sis, on the other hand, is a typical cat and doesn’t eat much of anything, real picky. Even though Bert wants my Jones treats and they are safe for him, I am not willing to share because they are dog treats and they are mine. I share with Bailie and Katie and that is enough!
    Emma recently posted..Handling Success And Failure With Your DogMy Profile

  2. My cat Widdles likes some but not all the treats I give to Rizzo and Reneaux. And yes my babies like the cat food, and Widdles will eat the dog food both crunchy and wet. I do my best to not let them eat it but they get a bite here and there.

  3. Our daughter’s cat lived with us for a bit and acted a lot like the dogs. When the dogs would sit around the kitchen, Bob would too. so I gave him freeze dried liver. Of course much smaller than the treats I gave the dogs, but it was still marketed as dog treats. I imagine he would love the Jones Beef Liver Taffy as much as my dogs do. But he went back to live with his Mama.

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