Chill Out for Dogs, Review

Chill Out for Dogs, Review

Hey! Another product review from the Total Pet Expo in Chicago! Today’s is the Chill Out aromatherapy spray for dogs. And people.

Chill Out tube
The Chill Out power tube is powered by a cool technology which combines lavender, sweet marjoram and chamomile with a non-moisture propellant. This combination allows you to calm your dog without the shock of a spray near their nose. Only scent – no spray.

I’ll be honest – I haven’t tested this on my dogs. They’re already pretty chill. I’m grateful that I don’t have anxious dogs. But! I do have anxious people.

The Pack
You see the reason for his stress? I take the Boy with me when I treat dogs with Jones chews. He runs interference.

Two seriously anxious people. So I talked to the Chill Out rep for a bit, trading some yummy Jones Natural Chews for two Chill Out sprays, and brought them home to my boys, Hunny and Squatch (Boy).

Chill Out power tubes
My Chill Out power tubes came with this nice lei. Hunny doesn’t want to wear the lei to work and I don’t know why.

My youngest has already sprayed all of his friends with the Chill Out. Said it made him feel much more calm and peaceful watching their reactions. Goober.

Chef school
Here he is all grown up, at 17. The Boy wants to be a chef and takes culinary classes at the tech college. That’s the least stressful part of his day.

But here’s what my Hunny said when I asked him if the Chill Out calms him down:

It is subtle, the smell is really nice, and it does seem to calm you down and take your stress level down a notch or two. It’s nice. 

He takes the Chill Out to work, tucked in his pocket. I’ll have to ask Hunny if he sprays his coworkers before they go into meetings. That would ROCK.

What’s so special about the Chill Out power tube versus other lavender sprays? Why would anyone want to use this spray on their dogs? The technology is WAY COOL. Check it out.

A newly patented technology allowing essential oils to be released into the air without anyone in the room noticing or being affected!

This powerful blend of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Sweet Marjoram becomes fully portable and available 24/7 in this new ambient air diffuser to calm and quiet pet nervousness.

Just pump the “piston” and release the power of Aromatherapy in this newly patented technology which allows you to have all the benefits of Chill Out in an ultra dry ambient air format – No Spray – Just Air! And because there is no propellant, H2O, pets are not intimidated or likely to back off as they might from a wet spray: So simple yet so effective! The fob extension on the bottom of the Power Tube allows you to take it anywhere; attached to a key chain, back pack, cell phone, bracelet, lanyard, dog collar or wear it as a necklace, always ready. The scent cell inside the Power Tube is made of a patented material which has a unique attraction for scent molecules. It is an exceptional carrier for the values of essential oils while not compromising the chemical components in anyway.

That’s from the website for the Chill Out Power Pump, which is what I have. The woman who traded them for treats says she’s been carrying her tube around for about eight months and it’s still spraying. The beauty of this particular spray is that there’s no squirt. Just scent. Dogs aren’t hit in the nose with a mist. No tactile experience to put them off. Only the essential oil scents to calm them down.

What do I like about the Chill Out power tube? I like the no mist technology. And I love the scent. I could walk around spraying and sniffing all day long. I love that it’s so tiny, compact, easy to carry and use. I like that I can’t spill the contents accidentally. I like that it works on both people and dogs.

Chill dogs
These two chill dogs do this ALL DAY LONG. Chill dogs, not chili dogs.

That said, a word of caution. Aromatherapy which works on humans and dogs does not usually with with cats. Don’t spray this on your cat. It’s a cat thing. Not an essential oil thing. They’re wired differently.

So! I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Until I write again …


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  1. You know, when I complained that the kids were driving me crazy, my massage therapist would tell me to pump lavender oil into the air vents! Lavender tends to make you drowsy and super relaxed. I’m w/you–my dogs are pretty chill but the kids…well, that’s another story. I might need a gallon of that stuff!
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