Do You Christmas Shop for Your Dog?

Do You Christmas Shop for Your Dog?

Christmas Shop For Your Dog

Do you Christmas shop for your dog? I’ve never been one to Christmas shop for the dogs. They hate hats. They don’t like to wear clothes. The little dogs sleep on top of me, so they don’t need beds, and the big dogs refuse to sleep on beds. Chewy is the only one that likes toys, and he always defers to the Flat Fox. New toys are discarded. So what’s the point? But all dogs like a treat. ALL DOGS.

World's Most Fascinating Dog

Fortunately, my dogs will each get their own stocking for Christmas this year. Jones Natural Chews makes a Canine Christmas Cruncher stocking just for dogs! The trick is hiding the stocking until Christmas. The dogs can smell it. They want it.

That Pig Ear you mentioned ...

Luckily for you, Jones Natural Chews is currently giving away a Canine Christmas Cruncher stocking to some lucky dog! If you haven’t entered the giveaway contest, click here and it will open in a new window. In fact, you can enter with a tweet every day to better your chances to win!

Your Dog Doesn’t Like Treats?!

And if you’re going to tell me that your dog doesn’t like treats – that your dog won’t take a treat no matter how hard you try – I’m going to call you a liar. I’m going to tell you it’s because you have yet to try giving your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Don’t wait till Christmas, either. Do it now. Allow me to make a few recommendations of treats to try:

  • Lamb Lung Puffs – crack for dogs, I kid you not
  • Beef Liver Taffy – soft and easy to tear into smaller pieces
  • Bandit’s Bones – stuffed with meat, perfect for puppies who chew up shoes
  • Rocky’s Rollers – all flavors are amazing, soft and easy to tear into smaller pieces
  • Pig Ears – these come in the stocking and are a huge hit with nearly every dog

There’s more than one way to find Jones Natural Chews. There are online shops, which are fun this time of year. There are also stores near you, including several feed store chains and dog boutiques. In fact, click this sentence to be sent to the Jones locator, to search by state and city. If you can’t find a store near you, leave a comment on this post with your city and state. I’ll do a little digging and see what I can find. I’ve been known to call stores across the country and ask clerks to look for our product on the shelves. It’s a job perk, for sure.

Fun Ways to Snag Jones Natural Chews

There’s more than one way to score a treat, as the saying should go. Our twice monthly giveaways are always great. Other bloggers give our treats away. But now there’s a new way to snag Jones Natural Chews! Check out the following video to see how!

That was fun to make! My entire family rolls on the floor laughing every time they hear me say they were butchers. They laugh or cringe. The Sweeney Todd of dog treats? No. Jones really does know meat. I love that I can ask them any question about meat – whatever the critter, whatever the body part – and they instantly have a response. It’s almost magical. Not only are they hands-on involved in everything, they research and test to infinity, making sure that their products are the absolute best they can be, that they understand what your dog is chewing.

Oh, and do send me your questions, please. Yes, I will send your dog a treat if I use your question in a video. Please, include your blog or site link, as I’ll include it in the video or comment section.

Now! Go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew and watch it smile. Naturally. In fact, Christmas shop for your dog. Plenty of Jones Natural Chews.

Until I write again …


6 thoughts on “Do You Christmas Shop for Your Dog?

  1. Yes Schooner and Skipper will get presents. They love to open their presents. Of course the human brothers and their family will say… the dogs are spoiled and get more stuff then we do…

  2. Layla woofs : did you say Treats for Christmas, Mommy told me that I am lucky cos I get gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas – but then in our house every day is Christmas BOL – Happy Thanksgiving everyone

  3. sometimes, depends on if there are any good sales, but i buy so much for thenm thru out the yr, they think everyday is a birthday or a holiday for them. every time i go out or go to the store, they think i have something for them. they like to go thru the grocery bags and other bags i bring it searching for things. my oldest used to go to the car and look to see if there was anything in the car for her.

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