Chubbs Dog Soap – a Human Hair Product Review

Chubbs Dog Soap – a Human Hair Product Review

As promised, today is a product review, a soap I was given at Bark World, Chubbsย dog soap.

Chubbs bar dog soap
Chubbs is a natural bar soap for dogs and cats. I am currently using it on my own hair. Too bad, dogs.

It’s a pet soap, a degreaser for cats and dogs, but the woman at the booth said she uses it on her hair and body. I jumped at that, since I’ve been looking for a bar soap for my own hair. Can’t use a degreasing soap on my skin, as I’m already prone to be dry. Three hair washes later, here’s what I think:

The Hair of a Flea - soap review
This is morning hair. I washed it yesterday – I only wash it every three days – and haven’t yet done anything with it.

I was told that, since the soap removes oils, I’d definitely need to condition after washing. Why would I want to step away from shampoo? It takes a lot to get to my scalp, since my hair is thick, somewhat curly, somewhat coarse. It also takes forever to rinse the shampoo out. With bar soap I can target the scalp, which is really all that needs washing, lightly washing the rest, but focusing on the scalp. It doesn’t take a lot, is really easy, to get the scalp clean with this soap.

Split ends
Looks like I need a haircut soon …

Y’all, I’ve tried a handful of other bar soaps on my hair and have been very disappointed. They leave a weird residue. Chubbs dogย soap gets my hair CLEAN. Also, Tulsa’s water has a pretty high mineral content. This is the first time I’ve felt like my hair has any life in the nearly seven years we’ve lived here.

Bottom line? The feel. Since living in Tulsa, which is arid in comparison to where I’ve been prior, my hair has been soft, but straighter than ever. I like the feel of soft, but the curl falls out after the first day, product or not. Since using Chubbsย dog soap, my hair doesn’t feel as soft, almost fine, but it’s tighter, if that makes sense. It FEELS curly. The curl doesn’t disappear after the first day. It finally feels like my hair again.

Some other things which might help – I rarely use product. The last six months or so I’ve been using an olive oil hair serum which makes my hair even softer, but doesn’t hold the curl. The product sometimes makes my hair feel heavy. Also, I don’t blow dry or brush my hair almost ever. I’m dry enough without damaging. Third, I do dye my hair. Miss Clairol, light auburn. I’m a natural redhead. Really. But age is not kind to red hair.

So all that put together, I really like using this bar soap, Chubbs, on my hair. I don’t think I’ll go back to shampoo. Now I have to figure out where to buy this soap. And I don’t know how it would do on someone with fine, thin hair. You’d have to just try it and see. I can only imagine that it works great on a dog’s coat. I may never know first hand. ๐Ÿ™‚

Come back tomorrow! I’ll be co-hosting Follow Up Friday with Jodi, over at Heart Like a Dog. Thanks Jodi! So ask me a question today that I can answer! Or that I can’t answer. Whatever. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Until I write again …


21 thoughts on “Chubbs Dog Soap – a Human Hair Product Review

  1. Well that does sound like a great product, my mom is always looking for a good soap for us so wesa don’t smell like dogs, well what kind of smell should we smell like Flea, that is my question of the week??!!
    Sometimes you two leggers are so hard to please, a dog is a dog is a dog!
    Stella Rose

  2. Have you ever tried a vinegar rinse? I just started using a vinegar rinse a couple times a week for my hair and it works great. My hair isn’t as curly as yours, but it is thick, heavy and long. I use it instead of a conditioner. 1/2c. vinegar to at least 2 cups of water. After shampooing, Leave on for a few minutes then rinse. It makes my hair feel light and wispy. And the shine is fabulous. Very manageable.

    Just thought I’d pass on. Oh, and vinegar is good for dry hair/scalp.
    24 Paws of Love recently posted..So how did the other dogs do?My Profile

  3. Since I’ve started shopping cruelty-free, I have yet to find a shampoo I really love. My hair and forehead tend to be very oily, so this sounds like it could be good for me! My hair is also thick so that’s not an issue. Does it lather up though? I have to have lather. I will also need to find a way to hide it from my hubby, he already thinks I’m crazy as it is. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jan K recently posted..This โ€˜N That Thursday โ€“ Good NewsMy Profile

  4. I use a vinegar rinse every couple of weeks to remove any product buildup or residue…and instead of olive oil I use a touch of coconut oil…lighter than olive oil and doesn’t leave a greasy feel…And I’ve been using the FetchEarth bar soap for dogs on my hair and body and i love it ๐Ÿ™‚
    GizmoGeodog recently posted..This & That Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

  5. Thanks for participating in TNT and thanks for the review. It sounds like it is a great product for you. I suspect the internet will be your friend in finding the soap. (What did we do before internet shopping?) My hair is fine (and thinner as I age ;)) so I am not sure that would be the product for me.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..This โ€˜N That ThursdayMy Profile

  6. Arid? Here? Woman, are you crazy? Okay, it HAS been dry this summer, but normally it’s horribly, disgustingly humid. I mean, not Gulf Coast humid, but still humid. And yes, our water is all kinds of funk with minerals. My stainless steel sink is a mess of calcium or whatever.
    Great review on this soap! I have very short hair (fine and thin) that is dry at the ends and gets oily at the scalp pretty quick. Maybe I’ll give this stuff a whirl. But I’ve never gone sans conditioner before. I’m not sure my hair could handle it. Eventually I’ll probably hack the rest of it off again (it used to be super, super short) and then using bar soap would be perfect!

    P.S. I love your hair. I always wanted wavy hair, but always had stick straight hair. Two perms gone wrong YEARS ago and I gave up the curly hair dream.
    Pam | Words With Wieners recently posted..{This Moment} See Beautiful: LittleBear’s EyesMy Profile

  7. No no no. Tulsa is SO dry compared to living on the coast. And Tulsa gets winter. Seriously. It’s dry here.

    You might want to try this soap if your scalp is oily. Maybe try a vinegar rinse, too. It’s supposed to give hair a healthy sheen.
    Flea recently posted..All Natural Follow Up FridayMy Profile

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