Cute Dogs Waiting, FBM 247

Cute Dogs Waiting, FBM 247

Cute Dogs Waiting

Happy Funny Bone Monday! We strive, every Monday, to put a smile on your face, to ready you for whatever the work week brings. Today’s smiles are courtesy of cute dogs waiting … for kids to get home from school and for owners in various situations. These Monday dog videos are always the highlights of my week, and I do hope that you look forward to them.

And suddenly I want a Newfoundland to welcome me home. I would give it Lamb Lung Puffs from Jones Natural Chews EVERY DAY. And jumbo bones, just because.

I post the cute dogs waiting for kids first because my own son is coming home today. I know my dogs will go nuts when they see him. I know I will, too. My youngest child has been living in Alaska for three months and it’s been a long time away from family and friends. I’ve missed him so! I know he’s missed us. I also know he is in bad need of a haircut, so that’s first on the agenda.

Did you have your tissues handy for that video? I forgot to warn you, huh? My apologies. But I just love seeing dogs embrace their loved one who’ve been gone for awhile, and especially when owners have been deployed. It’s a beautiful thing.


And because you have your own cute dog waiting when you get home, you need some Jones Natural Chews Lamb Lung Puffs. They’re pretty darn amazing. Your dog wants them. Your dog NEEDS them. To enter to win your very own, simply click this sentence, click the giveaway box in the new post, use it to leave a comment, then click I Commented! Voila! You’re entered.

You’ll want to enter another contest at Emily Reviews, too! She’s reviewing some Of Jones latest and greatest treats and is giving away a couple of our holiday treats. Click this sentence to open her giveaway post. Your dog will be happy that you did!

Now go. Give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


2 thoughts on “Cute Dogs Waiting, FBM 247

  1. my girls start waiting for me when they hear my car coming drive the driveway, they are pawing at the door, which i have tried to stop b/c they have ruined my front door. as soon as I open the door, it is pick me up, pick me up. they hug me and give me lots of kisses. Harley is the talker, and she talks and talks. I hope she is saying I miss you mom.

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