Day 4 – A Renaissance Treat

Day 4 – A Renaissance Treat

Day four’s adventure is – THE RENAISSANCE FAIRE!

Before jumping in my Hunny’s little truck to head to Illinois, I made headpieces for myself, Laura and Suzy. You know. So we’d fit in at the Ren Faire. I totally forgot to make headpieces for Fred and Bessie. What was I thinking?

Ready for Ren Faire!
We’re ready for Ren Faire! You jelly.

We picked up Suzy at her darling house, played with her gorgeous dogs, drove past cows like none Fred and Bessie had ever seen, and landed in southern Wisconsin.

He'll do anything for a treat
Up! Treat! Jones Natural Chews at work!


Ozzy is a big boy
Ozzy – I’ve never seen such a big Golden Retriever!
This cow is ... different
Cow, Rusting in a Field
My favorite cow
This crazy cow is my favorite

At the Renaissance Faire. This thing goes on all summer, every weekend. I’m sure there are all KINDS of things to do, but I spent the entire day buying souvenirs for my family. Along the way we encountered people doing medieval things. Like this lady who was singing. And singing. She had a pretty voice, but in the cacophony of a bazillion people being people, I could barely hear her. So I asked her to pose with the wee bovines, then tossed some cash into her tip jar. The apple was a nice touch.

An Apple a Day ...
Bessie has a thing for apples. Fred has a thing for song.

There were no dogs at the Ren Faire. I wonder why that is? Here in Tulsa people take their dogs with them everywhere. It’s one of the things we love about T-Town – so dog friendly. So no dogs, but there was this delightful fellow who played with Fred and Bessie like they were his own. Right before he played the didgeridoo I bought for my daughter. I think this guy was my favorite part of Ren Faire.


Squeaky Guy and the Cows
Fred and Bessie are in awe

Okay. I lie. My favorite part of Ren Faire was the cheesecake on a stick, dipped in dark chocolate. I think I might have died. Good thing Suzy knows CPR. No photos of that one. 😉

What a day! But there was still travel in my immediate future, so back to Laura’s we went, where another Laura college buddy joined us. Her son came with, just to play with the first Laura’s big ol’ baby dog. Tucker is a Bassett-Mastiff. Don’t ask. You don’t EVEN want to hear that story. There are some things you just can’t unhear.

Tucker and Stephen
Tucker’s just a puppy – a puppy Stephen wanted to take home

From there, I jumped in the truck with the second Laura and drove away, all the way to Wheaton, IL, to stay the night with Laura’s family. And her babies. Aren’t they darling?

Sweet thing
Such a sweet face!!
Beautiful dog
The cute! It’s killing me!

Laura is an amazing cook and gardener. But more on that tomorrow. Reliving this day has worn me out!

Until I write again …


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