Deluxe Dog Treat Bucket

Deluxe Dog Treat Bucket

Bow Wow Boo Bucket – Deluxe Dog Treat Bucket

The very best part of my job as the blogger for Jones Natural Chews is photographing dogs eating our treats. Our current giveaway treat is the Bow Wow Boo Bucket, a deluxe dog treat bucket filled with all natural meat treats for dogs. Y’all meet Millie, an English Bulldog who took to the six inch Windee which is part of the Boo Bucket.

Bow Wow Boo Bucket - deluxe dog treat bucket from Jones Natural Chews
Millie isn’t happy about being made to smile pretty for the camera. I think this is about as smiley as she’s going to get.

Y’all, I rarely capture dogs smiling when they eat our treats, even though my personal motto is that Jones Natural Chews make dogs smile. Here’s the problem – most of these dogs don’t know me from a hole in the ground. I hand them the very best treat they’ve ever had in their lives. Then I want to sit next to them with a camera and snap photos. I’m sure they think I want to take the treat back, so they turn away from me and scowl while devouring the treat. It’s awkward. And hilarious.

Bow Wow Boo Bucket - deluxe dog treat bucket from Jones Natural Chews
Chewing and growling, Millie is a happy girl, just daring me to take her Windee

Video Proof That Dogs Love Jones Natural Chews

So often, when giving Jones to dogs, I’m just snapping photos. Yesterday I captured the treat process on video! If you’re not following Jones Natural Chews on Facebook, you should be! I absolutely love the live feature and will be using it regularly from now on. Here’s the video proof that dogs love our deluxe dog treat bucket.

It also, at the end, illustrates what I mean about dogs not wanting me to take the treats back. Millie never growls over treats. Ours are just that good.


Here’s the beautiful thing about the Bow Wow Boo Bucket from Jones – we’re giving some lucky dog their very own deluxe dog treat bucket! Hopefully it will arrive in time to trick or treat in a neighborhood near you! To enter to win this amazing treat bucket, click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which will open, click the giveaway box on that post, then click I Commented! Easy as that! Your dog is going to love these treats. Here’s what’s in the Bow Wow Boo Bucket:

  • 6″ Windee (beef trachea)
  • 2 Lambly Links (sausage made with mostly lamb meat)
  • 1 Hoof (cow toenail)
  • 2 Woofers (100% ground beef patties)
  • 1 Knee Cap (beef bone with meaty bits)
  • K9 Bacon Roll (pork skin)
  • Other Ear (pork chin)

These treats are all perfect for small to medium size dogs. Some are consumable treats, and others are gnawing chews, great for teeth and gums. The Knee Cap and Hoof are especially great for teething puppies or all sizes. So really? This deluxe dog treat bucket is the perfect gift for any dog lover in your life. Go. Give your dog Jones Natural Chews. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


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