Dog Boarding Tips

Dog Boarding Tips

Dog Boarding Tips

Where does your dog stay when you leave? When you go away, say for Christmas, do you kennel your dog? If you do, now is the time to call the kennel, if it’s not already too late. Kennels with good reputations fill up quickly and early at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But we’ll walk through dog boarding tips today.

Australian Shepherd
This gorgeous Australian shepherd is deaf. I wonder what her owner does when she travels? I assume take the dog with. Very well trained dog.

And don’t forget the kennel cough vaccine. Though word on the street says it may not be effective. I’ve heard stories. Quite a few. People whose dogs have been vaccinated, yet come home from the kennel with bordetella, or a bad cough. Use your best judgment there.

Does My Dog Stay or Come With Me?

Does your dog always travel with you? Is your dog, or are multiple dogs, welcome at family gatherings, or in a hotel? A couple of Christmases ago we took the dogs with us, but kenneled them near where we were staying, which worked out nicely. I recommend it if your relatives can vouch for the vet or groomer where the dog will stay. We called ahead and spoke with the kennel owner.

Traveling cows
Fred and Bessie answer the question, “We go everywhere with mama. We’re pocket size.” And they love coffee, which they can’t get at a kennel or with a sitter.

If you’re putting your dog up in a kennel, make sure to bring a handful of their favorite Jones Natural Chews. 😉 Y’know, so they’ll be happy without you.

Dog Sitters

Do you find sitters for your dogs? You know, call the local college and find a coed to stay at your house, throw parties in your absence, make sure the dogs are fed and walked? Better yet, hire a neighbor kid to come over twice a day and let them out? Even that you should schedule now, since families go out of town.

We used to ask people to let our dogs out and feed them while we were away for holidays. The poor neurotic Australian shepherds have torn up carpet, pooped all OVER the house, refused to eat – things they wouldn’t dream of doing when we’re here. It was too traumatizing for them. The last time that happened, we took them with and kenneled. All it takes is one time of someone forgetting to come over and the dogs are a wreck.

Mini Rex
Oh wait! Who takes care of the rabbit?

An Alternative You May Love

This weekend, while at BarkWorld, I spoke with someone who has come up with a way cool alternative to kenneling or leaving the dogs home with a sitter. (who is not paying me and has no idea I’m writing this, by the way), puts your dog up in a real home in the area. I was blown away by the idea.

Here’s the deal: the dog boarding starts at $15 a night, your beloved pup is put up in someone’s house, the putter-upper is screened. Some people are professional pet sitters, while others are just dog lovers. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Pretty darn cool. Don’t forget to pack your dog’s favorite Jones Natural Chews, though.

Y’all, I will do this in a heartbeat next time we have to go out of town. Here’s what I’m wondering, though: How do I get screened as a dog sitter, to have someone else’s dogs in my home? I mean, I can’t do it in my current state, having chickens in the backyard, but what a fun way to bring in a little extra cash and love on someone’s pup!

I wonder if they have chicken sitters.

Spreading the good chews …


12 thoughts on “Dog Boarding Tips

  1. Petey has gotten so big! Cute!!! We try to take the dogs with us when we travel. We make two long road trips a year – Kansas to Texas (12hrs) and Kansas to Missouri (5hrs). This year will be Pierson’s first long road trip when we go to Texas for Thanksgiving. We’re leaving the dogs at home with our roommates when we go to Missouri for Christmas because one of my mom’s dogs is extremely dog aggressive. Whether the dogs travel or stay at home, they will have their Jones Natural Chews!

  2. Ok – what have you done with the real Petey? I can’t believe how big he has gotten! And swimming already!

    I use the pet sitter who also happens to be the office manager (I think that is her official title) at my vet clinic. That way my dog already knows who she is. Although I haven’t used her since I’ve not had Blueberry that long – but she was a Godsend when I had to go out of town and had my two older dogs. They would not have done well at a kennel and both were on medications I knew she’d be diligent about getting them to take. My first choice though is to always travel with my dogs if possible. A vacation really isn’t the same without my best furry friends. 🙂
    Blueberry’s human recently posted..Thoughtful ThursdayMy Profile

  3. My dogs totally wig out when we leave them, and it’s only gotten worse with age. I don’t think we’ll leave them again. We’ll be keeping this option in mind for the next dogs, though. And I’ll be talking to my mom about signing up to be a sitter for small dogs. How cool is that as a source of extra income?
    Flea recently posted..Where Does Your Dog Stay When You Leave?My Profile

  4. A dog-sitter sounds like a good thing. I have heard about that kind of place in my country but they are bloody expensive.

    When I left my turtles, I always asked my neighbour to give them food once every 2 days…but then again, turtles aren’t like dogs
    Novroz recently posted..Giant Turtle MonsterMy Profile

  5. Flea, Ghillie and I go to people’s houses and take care of thier pets at home where they will have the least trama. We have a 3 week gig at a penthouse this winter. This will be the longest most are the weekend or a week or two. The dogs are happy and the gaurdians have peace of mind.
    Love Pete.

  6. the dog should not be uenntatded no matter what. even if the dog is not a puppy, it can still get into trouble. u can watch the dog from, a nearby window. the time u leave the dog outside {supervised} should depend on the weather {if its cold have him out for a short time maybe 10-20 min u dont want him to suffer from frost-bite, if its warm have him out a medium time maybe 30-40 min, if its hot have him out for about 10-20 min u dont want him to suffer from a heat stroke}

  7. i dont go anywhere unless my dogs can go with me. i would never board my dogs. if i really had to it would be at someone’s house, not a boarding kennel. when i have to go away for most of the day, when i had Evie, who could not be left alone, i would have a pet sitter come in. i have 2 that i use. they stay the entire time.

  8. With Elsa’s epilepsy, I take her with me or one of us stays with home. Not particularly convenient, but it is the best way to manage her illness. I have yet to find anyone, kennel or otherwise who would take a dog who has seizures anyway. Necessity is the mother of invention, especially in this case.

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