Do You Attend Dog Events?

Do You Attend Dog Events?

Do You Attend Dog Events?

Driving home from … somewhere (I’m always in the car), I saw a sign which read, “Pancakes with Pooches”. It was in front of my local fire department. When I got home, I immediately Googled the term. Dog events are my new thing, right?

Bully Basted Snorks from Jones Natural Chews should be at all dog events, forever
Bully Basted Snorks from Jones Natural Chews, our current giveaway, should be at all dog events from here on out. They make dogs smile.

Are y’all attending dog events in your area? If you’re not, maybe you should be. Turns out Pancakes with Pooches involves:

There will be pancakes, of course, and Siegi’s sausage, as well as tours of the fire station, fire and safety demonstrations for dogs and humans, raffle drawings, Roger the Clown and ladder rides on the fire truck.

The stars of this year’s event will be the K9 Manners and More Hot Doggies Drill Team made up of 21 dog-and-handler teams, including junior and senior divisions, with dogs ranging from 6 months to 13 years old. Many are rescued dogs, and several are champion show dogs.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? I think so. There’s going to be a clown! I’m going to RSVP when I finish writing this post, in fact. It’s a donation based event, designed to benefit the next-door dog park, Biscuit Acres.

How Many Dog Events Are in My Town?

That got my brain churning, wondering what other dog events are happening around T-Town this fall. Mr. Google didn’t give me a whole lot, but I found the dog training (WOOHOO!).

It seems, too, that Tulsa’s Oktoberfest holds a Wiener Dog Race. Hm. I don’t know whether or not to look forward to that.

Of COURSE there’s the state fair, which actually opens today! We’ll be going next week, which means that if we go early enough, we can catch the cattle dog trials! There are also sheep dog trials, the day before we plan to go. I have a confession – we’re not going to the fair to see the dogs. We’re going because my husband made leather armor and chain maille and has submitted it in competition. Wish us luck!

The armor is too big
This is the armor in progress. It’s made for a bigger guy, but it’s fun to wear!

In November? Agility. Yay!

Dog Events Happen Everywhere

So my point is, dog events are here in my town, which means that if you live in a big enough city, they’re probably near you, too. If you’ve never been to a dog event, like an agility trial, a show, even just a romp at the dog park, it can be much fun. Meeting dog owners with like or different interests is a blast!

The agility show I attended awhile back was not only a chance to pet and photograph some gorgeous creatures, but to learn about breeds I was unfamiliar with. The vendors at the trials had really cool stuff I’d never seen. And the people! The owners and trainers were fascinating!

Dog events ROCK
A firehouse dog doing agility! AWESOME!

Oh, and my youngest son moved to Galena, Alaska, a couple of months ago. It’s right on the Yukon River, a tiny nothing of a town. And guess what passes through his tiny town this winter? THE IDITAROD!!! I KNOW I’m so excited. He’d better take lots of pictures for his mama.

Here’s your challenge for the coming month – find dog events where you live. Go to them. Take your dogs. Make new friends. Meet new breeds. Or find breed specific dog events. I guarantee you’re going to love it. See if there aren’t pancakes involved while you’re at it, will ya? Make sure you take plenty of Jones Natural Chews with you! Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


9 thoughts on “Do You Attend Dog Events?

  1. My mommy took her grandchildren (6, 11, and 13) to an agility trial and dog show.
    The kids loved it – especially walking around watching dogs being groomed and talking to the owners. Lots of fun!

  2. We have lots of events in Lawrence, KS. At the end of summer, there was the Pooch Plunge. The Pooch Plunge is where the public pool is opened up for dogs. My Labrador Maya had a blast. We also have a local bar that opens up their patio for pets on Wednesday nights called Canines and Cocktails. Of course, the dogs don’t get to drink but it is a nice social evening for our pets and for us. There are lots of other events going on throughout the year. I couldn’t even begin to name them all. One of the biggest is Dogtoberfest which is coming up this Sunday. My dogs Maya & Pierson and I will be there!

  3. That’s great that you are spreading the news! Because we are in a local collie club, and our National breed club, we attend a lot of big events. But some of my favorites are the smaller local events, like the Blessing of the Animals or Woofstock.

    Our biggest event is the AKC Meet the Breeds, in NYC. It’s held the weekend before Westminster. So if anyone attends, please stop by the collie booth and say hi!

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