Dog Treats – Sit Up and Beg

Dog Treats – Sit Up and Beg

Dog Treats – Sit Up and Beg

Do dog treats make your dog sit up and beg? I met a new puppy this weekend who went NUTS for Jones chews.

Dog treats make Max stand and beg!
Max couldn’t WAIT to get a JNC Rabbit Jerky strip! If he was a little bigger, she’d have been on the ground!

I had half a bag of Rabbit Jerky Entree’ treats left, as well as a Crown Knuckle which needed a new home, both all-natural and made in the USA, and my friend had a new puppy she’d fostered then rescued, Max.

Max knows I have the dog treats
Heh. Puppies don’t stand or sit still for photos. Especially not when there’s a bag of JNC Taffy in my lap. Dog treats rock.

Max seems to be half Rat Terrier, half something leggy and cute. Max says that Jones dog treats make him sit up and beg.

Max sits pretty for good dog treats
Max, sit! Max, stay! Good dog!

For a four month old puppy, Max is well trained. He’s fully house broken, knows a couple of good tricks, and doesn’t leave the unfenced yard. It’s obvious that his mama and her girls have been working hard with the puppy. And I rewarded them all with some of the best dog treats in the country.

Ah! What a relief!
And Max rewarded me by relieving himself. Don’t step there, btw.

Y’all, these ears …

Waiting patiently for dog treats
OMD – the cutest ears EVER. Give this handsome boy dog treats STAT!

He kills me! And as much as Max loved the Rabbit Jerky, he loved the Crown Knuckle even more.

Checking out the knuckle
“That’s an awfully big bone, Mama. I don’t know if I can get my little mouth around that bone.”
Crown Knuckle about to die
“It smells really good, though. Maybe I can nibble it away.”
Settling in to eat the knuckle bone
“Hm. I think I can tackle this. It may take awhile, but I can do it!”
Gnawing on a bone
“Oh yeah. I got this. Nobody better try taking away my bone. Not if they know what’s good for them!”

Food Motivated Dogs love Jones Natural Chews

Max is highly motivated by food, it seems. He took to every treat that I brought, be it the Rabbit Jerky, Crown Knuckle or Big Paw Jerky. We discovered, with the knuckle, that he also has an aggressive streak. Fortunately for Max, his mama is a good trainer, and Max is pretty young, so she’ll be working with him to take food and dog treats away from him.

I told my friend what I told everyone when I bring treats.

  1. Dog treats are just that, treats. They’re not meant to be food. Give them sparingly, as rewards, as treats. Of course, I break that rule every time I photograph dogs. Do what I say, not what I do.
  2. Monitor dogs with bones. Bones can splinter, whether you buy them at the butcher, from the pet store, wherever. Jones slow bakes them with moisture settings to simulate a raw bone, so it’s safely baked, but not brittle. Still, it’s a bone.
  3. Always take a bone away when it is small enough to fit into your dog’s mouth. Always.
  4. Jones are 100% all natural
  5. Jones dog treats are 100% made and grown in the USA
  6. Jones dog treats are the best in the world. I’m a little biased. Just a little. And sometimes I tell people that –
  7. My chickens like Jones dog treats.


Have you entered the Jones Natural Chews giveaway of our newest treats? Your dog wants these! Our new Bully Basted Snorks are the coolest treats in the history of EVER! Check it out:

Bully Basted Snorks - the latest treats from Jones Natural Chews
Bully Basted Snorks – pig snouts which break into three separate treats for your dog. Treat your dog to happiness.

Fun, huh? Okay, looking at them either makes you smile or frown, but I promise that they’ll make your dog’s tail wag and its mouth drool. In fact, I’m meeting with Kato Jack later today to get his reaction. But for now, click this sentence, leave a comment in the post which will open up, then click the entry cox and click I Commented! You’re entered. Might as well tweet about it while you’re there, since that just adds points, and it’s mostly tweets which win.

Now go! Treat your dog to Jones Natural Chews. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


15 thoughts on “Dog Treats – Sit Up and Beg

  1. You are funny! Have a blast with Weird Al! We tend to do a lot more than usual for treats but I have to admit that I would not stop chasing critters for treats, that is just not possible. That wabbit jerky is something that I would do almost anything for, though. Smart puppy he is.
    emma recently posted..Stink No More | GBGV | #ScoopThatPoopMy Profile

  2. Oh that is cool about al being in town. We do all our tricks and lessons for treats we love treats! We love that little dogs ears, and he is really smart for 4 months of age. I am embarrassed to tell you what all I was doing at 4 months Flea….embarrassed!
    stella rose

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