Dog Writers and Giveaway

Dog Writers and Giveaway

Y’all, tomorrow we’ll be talking about the Pug wedding, Pugs for Pinky, with Rose and Kismet, but today we’re having a giveaway. Because I love you. So today we’ll talk a little bit about the Dog Writer’s Association of America – did you KNOW there was such a thing?!? Why didn’t you TELL me?! – and the fun swag bag, including two gorgeous Frisbees for dogs. Seriously.

Wham-O Dog Frisbee giveaway
This Wham-O Dog Frisbee is up for grabs today. Giveaway details at the end of the post.

Carol Bryant, Dexter’s mom and the author at Fidose of Reality, invited me to the DWAA Banquet the Sunday night before Westminster, since I was going to be in New York City. And since the banquet was held in my hotel. Carol was nominated for an award for her blog, and given what seem to be millions of dog blogs out in the interwebs, this was a huge honor. I was happy to attend and humbled that she thought to invite me.

DWAA Attendees
The lovely Carol Bryant (right) and the Good Flea – what a great evening!

I made new friends. Isn’t that the best thing about traveling? About events away from home? Jen Reeder is from Colorado and won a Maxwell award. She’s adorable, y’all, and I can’t wait to read her work.

Jen Reeder, DWAA Banquet, Maxwell winner
Jen is a freelance journalist, writing about man’s best friend. This Maxwell was well earned.

And Val Silverย won two Maxwells! She’s written the book Rescue Meย (not an affiliate link). I sure can’t wait to get my paws on that one!

Val Silver, author of Rescue Me, winner of two Maxwell awards
Val Silver, author of Rescue Me, wins two Maxwells. Another book for the read pile! Looking forward to it.

But what exactly is the Dog Writer’s Association of America? Here’s what they say about themselves:

ย Dog Writers Association of America encompasses all aspects of the world of dogs ~ showing, performance, behavior, training, health, and the human animal bond. We recognize many kinds of media besides journalism. Artists and photographers have joined our ranks and we include mystery and fiction writers, poets, historians and veterinarians. We have members who host national radio shows and others who appear on TV programs. Blogging, website production, social networking, and videography are among the professional activities of other members.

How cool is THAT?! I know, I know – I’m the hyperbole queen today, but I can’t stress enough how exciting it was to 1) be in New York City, 2) attend the DWAA Maxwell awards banquet, 3) make new dog friends.

Jen Reeder and Val Silver, Maxwell award winners
Yes girls, those Maxwell medals are real.

In addition, I was fortunate enough to be able to hang out with the handsome Dexter, spokesdog for Fidose of Reality, as well as his other mom, Darlene Bryant. Y’all, it was a fabulous time.

Dexter the Sparkling Cocker Spaniel
Dexter is a Sparkling Spaniel. We’ll see the lovely Darlene tomorrow!

Now! The Frisbee giveaway! This dog Frisbee is blue and yellow for a reason. The second Frisbee is blue and white. According to Wham-O, dogs’ visible color spectrum is blue, white and yellow. The Frisbee is also textured and molded for ease of grip and comfort in a medium to large dog’s mouth. It looks like the perfect catching disk for a dog. And I’m giving them both away! To be the winner:


I’ll announce the winner next Monday. I always use the random number generator page to choose the winners of giveaways.

Wham-O Fetch Frisbee
The Wham-O Fetch Frisbee is soft, yet durable. Giveaway!

So leave a comment! And give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. It’ll make your dog smile. Naturally.

Until I write again …


23 thoughts on “Dog Writers and Giveaway

  1. That sounds like a great group of people to network with. I love reading your blog and all the other pet blogs out there. So exciting to be learning. That toy looks super fun and cute.

  2. Mom knows about the DWA and wanted to join, but you needed references and stuff from other members and she wasn’t sure who to ask, so she never joined but would still like to. Frisbees look fun, we aren’t Frisbee dogs. I’m sure there are plenty of anxious takers out there!
    Emma recently posted..Chew BlueMy Profile

  3. You definitely had a great weekend in NYC! I’m so glad I got to meet you at the pug wedding! Can’t wait to see you again! Coco enjoyed sitting on your lap for the car ride! Hope she didn’t squish you too much LOL! Coco would love to win a frisbee!! Her and Dexter can play catch in the spring in the back yard together! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I had definitely heard about the DWA. A lot of the books I read are dog-related and I have seen it mentioned on their covers, etc.

    Please enter us in the frisbee giveaway. Jimmy and especially Wilson, LOVE to play frisbee.
    Taryn recently posted..Jim’s a Real Swinger!My Profile

  5. Looks as if you started 2015 off on the right paw with those two major events! I’ve heard of the Dog Writer’s Association of America before, but didn’t feel like I met their requirements just yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ Working on it!
    We’d love to be entered into the giveaway as well, please! Buzz loves to play fetch with balls & frisbees ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Barbara Rivers recently posted..My 2nd Liebster Award NominationMy Profile

  6. Looks like it was a lot of fun! Congrats to the award winners ๐Ÿ™‚ So nice you had a chance to go! It’s always wonderful meeting some new great friends.

  7. Shiloh and Wager LOVE to play frisbee- and I try to get blue and yellow toys when I can so they can see them better.

  8. I was unaware that blue, white and yellow is the visible color spectrum for dogs. I will definitely keep that in mind when choosing toys for mine. My newest foster is figuring out what to do with toys – I assume she has never had any. We haven’t yet tried a frisbee yet but I think it would be a great way to bond with her.

  9. i get Carol Bryant-fidose of reality emails. i have seen her coverage of her dog’s wedding. think it is great you got to go to nyc and the writers conference. my oldest loves to play frisbee, but she is not as active as she used to be, she is almost 14 yrs old. i would have loved to go to Westminster as well.

  10. One of Frankie’s favorite games is frisbee! He would love to win this! Bennett doesn’t quite get it yet lol. I loved reading about your time in New York!

  11. I believe that the colors the blue/yellow are the colors of the Dog Writers Association website., and my Ziggy would love to give this Frisbee to an adoption agency/or rescue agency(No Kill) for sure… for a family to have at playtime for their new playmate!!!..

  12. I think I have just the dogs to enjoy those frisbees. Glad you had a fun, educational time in NYC. I have never been but hope to someday. Thanks for doing all you do!!

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