Dogs Destroy,  FBM 121

Dogs Destroy, FBM 121

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Y’all, dogs destroy things. Today’s post, Dogs Destroy WHAT?!?, is a great argument for crating your dog when you leave the house. Or leave the room. Have you ever wondered what happens when you go to work? We’re going to take a look at some footage showing just what dogs destroy when mom and dad leave for the day. Or for five minutes. This first video makes a compelling case for a crate. And a GoPro.

My own dogs, the little ones, tear up any tissue or paper that’s left within reach. They usually take it to my bedroom and shred it on my bed. They also get onto the dining room table and look for food or treats. I’ve been known to leave Jones Natural Chews on the table. And come home to find wrappers in the living room. But for some dogs, it’s the little things in life that get destroyed.

This next video – there are so many things wrong with it. The officers did a fine job being careful, not harming the dogs destroying their vehicle, but the dog owners need to be slapped and fined.

Please, don’t let your dogs wander the neighborhood. Not only is it unsafe for the dog and passing humans, it’s probably illegal. It’s illegal in many states for dogs to be off leash outside of their own yard or designated areas.

I’m just a doom and gloom person today. It’s probably the weather. This next video is hilarious, but all I could think was that the dog would inhale a bit of balloon and choke.

She’s a gorgeous little dog, eh? Y’all, this last one almost made me cry.

Our big dogs have never been destructive. Ever, But the little dogs? This. Well, not quite this. And we rarely leave home for more than a couple of hours without someone here. But watching these videos, it seems the destruction happens as soon as mom or dad walks out the door. I’m thinking we might be investing in a couple of small crates this weekend.

So!  My apologies for being less than funny and touching today. I hope some of you laughed at these dogs antics. But geez! I should sign off now. Go clean up a mess somewhere …

Until I write again …


Sad little Gadget swears that he didn't destroy a thing
Gadget swears it wasn’t him. It was Chewy. Chewy can go into the crate. Dogs destroy things, but not Gadget.

11 thoughts on “Dogs Destroy, FBM 121

  1. People laugh and call me crazy all the time when I say I would NEVER leave my Pugs alone in the house. I would come home thinking a tornado hit if I did. My male Pug is know as JAXON THE PUG DESTROYER. He can unstuff a stuffed animal, pillow or bed in minutes. Olivia the Queen Pug may not have his desire for destruction but she will jump right in and help remove stuffing once a whole has been made. Oh what a wonderful treat they think stuffing is. It is one of their favorite food groups. And no putting a gate up to keep them out of your room or in a certain are nope not with the QUEEN. She is know for being able to open up the gates and get into the room you do not want her in. Then there are their other most favorite toy ever your couch pillows. do not belong on the couch but belong on the floor for them to try to eat and toss around. I left them alone for 2 min to sign for a package once. I here the sounds of destruction through the door and me and the postal clerk look at the window to see jaxon standing at the window totally entangled in my once lovely vertical blinds. So Crate Crate Crate. LOL They do lover their crates. Anytime we go anywhere we just have to say Bye Bye Treat time and you can find them sitting i their crates waiting for their treats. I so recommend CRATES.

  2. WOW! Can you imagine being the pet parent to the first video with the couch cushion. Sitting at work watching this go on, knowing you’re too far from home to stop the madness? I can totally see Jax doing this, that’s why he’ll be in a crate until he’s 10 yrs old when I’m not home LOL

  3. Frankie is the only one I can leave alone. I will be investing in a camera when I decide that Bennett is trustworthy enough. I love how the dog in the first video is just laying there while the other one is going to town on that cushion. I was cringing at the sound of it tearing lol!

  4. OH MY GOSH! I have a destructive dog, but I’m not sure what I’d do if they did any of these crazy things!! The couch…the cruiser (I hope the owners also had to pay to repair it!) Good lord, next time I come home and find she’s spread Bisquick all over the carpet, I will be grateful she didn’t eat the sofa.
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