Dogs Playing with Goats, FBM 242

Dogs Playing with Goats, FBM 242

Dogs Playing with Goats

I know I told y’all last Friday about our impending move to the country. Today’s theme, dogs playing with goats, is inspired by our desire to eventually have goats, as well as our visit to our homesteaders this weekend. I do love me some goats. And in this crisp, cooler fall weather, the goats are frisky and cute. Say hi to a darling little goat.

Dogs playing with goats is today's Funny Bone Monday theme
Goats DO have weird eyeballs!

If I’m honest, their weird eyeballs freak me out just a little. Let’s watch some dogs playing with goats. We’ll ignore the weird eyeballs. Or not. Up to you.

Cute!! Y’all, how precious is this Chihuahua puppy playing with goat kids?!

The tiny kid bleats just kill me! WANT!! Pretty sure those are pygmy goat kids. Why do I think that? Because I’m pretty sure the kids in the next video are not. Maybe they’re Nubians? No clue. But I think a lot of you know the last dog. He’s pretty famous on YouTube.

THOSE EARS!!! I seriously need goats. Which means I seriously need a home. Y’all, we close on our house on October 31st. If we don’t find a house before then, we’ll be homeless! WHERE WILL JIMMY AND THE GOSLINGS LIVE?!?

Winner, Winner

Jones Natural Chews - Treat your dog to happiness.
This handsome Anatolian enjoyed his Liver Logs from Jones Natural Chews

Actually, our homesteading friends have volunteered to keep the duck and goslings temporarily if we’re homeless. That’s such a huge relief! And one of their dogs, I think this is Commando, volunteered to announce the winner of our Liver Logs giveaway. Mondo wasn’t happy about having to give the Jones Natural Chews to another dog. I tried explaining that I’d brought a big bag of treats for all the dogs, but he only heard that I was giving treats to some other dog. *sigh* Let’s see who won the Liver Logs, according to the Random Number Generator …

Mary Wright! Congratulations, Mary! Your dog is going to be SO HAPPY. And your treats should take about two weeks to arrive. What fun!

Y’all go give your dogs some all natural, all US grown and made, meaty dog treats from Jones Natural Chews. Watch ’em smile. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


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