Dogs Wearing Halloween Costumes, FBM 246

Dogs Wearing Halloween Costumes, FBM 246

Dogs Wearing Halloween Costumes

Happy Funny Bone Monday! We’re just going to have one video today before announcing the winner of the Stuffed Hooves from Jones Natural Chews, but it’s a longer video. Because tomorrow is Halloween, the video is dogs wearing Halloween costumes! People are so creative, y’all. I don’t dress my dogs, mostly because they absolutely hate it, but I love to smile and laugh at dressed up dogs. Some dogs enjoy dressing up. Sadly, quite a few in this video don’t seem to like it. But here to make you smile are dogs wearing Halloween costumes!

The sharks always look, to me, like they’re swallowing the poor little dogs. And my favorite was the Boxer/bull rider, I think.


The last two weeks we’ve hosted a giveaway for Jones Natural Chews newest treats, the Stuffed Hooves. If you’re not following our Facebook page, then you missed the video I did late last week with my own dogs and the Stuffed Hoof. We’re a mess here, y’all. Today is moving day and everything has to be out of my house by six! It might just come down to the wire. I say that because the video shows part of my messy house. It also shows two little dogs who love a Stuffed Hoof!

Rafflecopter is what I use to manage our giveaways – it’s just so much easier – and Rafflecopter uses a random number generator to choose the contest winners. Today’s winner of the Stuffed Hooves is …

*drum roll*

Kim Brooks, of The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor! Congratulations, Kim! I know Lady Shasta and Miss Maizie will be so happy to gnaw on those hooves!

Stay tuned, tomorrow, for another giveaway! Hmm. I have to decide whether I want to giveaway another new treat, or one of my all time favorite treats. You tell me in the comments! Until then, and especially because Halloween is tomorrow, treat your dog to happiness!

Spreading the good chews …


5 thoughts on “Dogs Wearing Halloween Costumes, FBM 246

  1. I liked the boxer bull-rider too. But I also cracked up at the dog dressed up as a sheep with the sheep looking on curiously and the Frenchie dog running with the jockey on his back. 😀

  2. Well thank you so much for giving my Ladiez a chance like this to try these treats – can’t wait to watch their reactions when they get them.

    I love all those costumes – might have a few ideas for next year’s costumes.

    I haven’t watched the video on your timeline – will have to stop over and check it out.
    Oh and about the next Jones giveaway – how about a tried and true oldie but goody but then that’s kinda hard with Jones – they’re all goodies.
    (I do think we may sit this next one out tho – that’s twice in the past few months so give others a better chance besides, don’t want Lady Shasta gaining back the weight she has lost)
    Kim Brooks recently posted..Monday Munchies with #ChewyInfluencerMy Profile

  3. I love the ambulance with he’s own siren, and the Easter Rabbit . They are all great. I love to dress my Rizzo up but haven’t found a Halloween costume that’s just right for her yet.

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