Dueling Banjos, FBM 243

Dueling Banjos, FBM 243

Dueling Banjos

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Happy Columbus Day! Happy day before my 50th birthday! Did I say that out loud? So, as a birthday present to me, we’re not watching funny dogs here today. We’re going to enjoy some dueling banjos. Why? Well, in 22 days I’ll be homeless. Our house for sale has a contract. We close on the 31st. We have yet to find a home to move to. Not for lack of trying, mind you, but the house we want just isn’t out there, and we’re not going to settle. In our house hunting, we’ve looked at some places deep in the country that have made me a little nervous. Our first video will give you a hint of what I mean. I’m going to kick back and enjoy some dueling banjos on this Monday of my birthday week. Join me, will you? And warning, LANGUAGE.

Y’all, I can’t enjoy that enough. Makes me wish I could play something besides the radio. And how about that Burt Reynolds? Oh my. Give that man all the treats. Does he have a dog? I’ll be over with some Jones Natural Chews in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Let’s a hear a little back story on this scene, though. Well, a follow up.

Here’s one of my new favorite versions of dueling banjos, with the ever best Roy Clark.

And last, one of comedy’s greatest minds, but also an amazing banjo player, Steve Martin. I grew up on his Wild and Crazy Guy routine, not understanding the depth of his talent.

He’s pretty darn amazing. And thank you for enjoying dueling banjos with me today.


While you’re here, and as a birthday present to me, enter the Jones Natural Chews Bow Wow Boo Bucket giveaway, will ya? Click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which opens, then click I Commented! If you really love me you’ll tweet about it, too. This is guaranteed to make your dog smile, since it increases your chances of winning the Boo Bucket, a great trick or treat bucket for dogs, AND full of some great all natural dog chews! A win all the way around!

Now go give your dog some Jones Natural Chews. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …



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