What Exactly is The Other Ear?

What Exactly is The Other Ear?

What Exactly Is the Other Ear?

A few years back, Jones rolled out The Other Ear at Global. I hovered and listened, wondering what the heck it was. Take a look:

GSD take the Other Ear from Jones
Meet Gryphon, a senior German Shepherd that won’t eat treats. Until she met the Other Ear. She devoured it.

Turns out the Other Ear is the pig chin. Pig ears were becoming more difficult to obtain at a decent cost and still be able to maintain a decent cost for you, the customer. Since Jones is adamantly against using ingredients from outside the country (I was left with the impression that many other commercial pig ear dog chews are from Asia now), Jones turned to another part of the pig. A far less used, but still very yummy part of the pig. The chin.

Loves that Other Ear
Yes, please. I’ll take that Other Ear. Don’t tell my mom. She thinks I won’t eat treats.

Tell Me More

Let’s see what Jones has to say about the Other Ear:

Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin. “The Other Ear” is a perfect name for the pig chin. The pig chin is very similar to the pig ear but is less expensive. If you don’t tell your dog they will never know … shhhh. As always, all Jones products are grown and made in the USA and have no artificial ingredients added.

Like the ear, the Other Ear is devoured by dogs every time I bring one out. Like the Pig Ear from Jones Natural Chews, the Other Ear is a single ingredient treat. Lulu’s mom once asked what the coating on the ears is. Evidently other companies use some kind of coating on their pig ears. I asked. There’s no coating of any kind on Jones ears or the Other Ear. It’s just an ear and a chin.

Laying down to enjoy a treat
This? Oh, this is nothing. It’s just my treat. DON’T TOUCH IT. It’s mine.

Which leads to the surface of these treats. That lovely sheen? Natural fat from the chin. Nothing added. The Pig Ear and the Other Ear are amazingly delicious for dogs, in the same way that a plate full of bacon is amazingly delicious for humans.

The surface is the grease from the pig’s skin image from agile bacon

Can My Dog Have One Every Day?

But humans shouldn’t be eating a plateful of bacon every day. At least, not sedentary humans like myself and many Americans. Once in awhile, at my favorite diner, a side of bacon with my breakfast will hit the spot! It’s the same with the Pig Ear and the Other Ear for your dog.

Gryphon and the Other Ear
Gryphon is 13 years old, but she still knows how to tuck into a treat. Gryphon is on the thin side, so this Other Ear is a great treat for her.

This is definitely a higher fat treat, which is great for an active dog. For dogs prone to weight gain, or senior dogs already overweight, turn to a different snack, or find the Pig Ear Snax, small pieces of the ear. A bone or a bully stick from Jones would be a great single ingredient treat that’s lean and long lasting.

Determined little Dachshund
This Jones Mammoth Bone is bigger than Cosette, but that didn’t stop her from trying to gnaw it! The bone is a much lower fat treat than the ear.

That’s not to say your dog should stay away from the Other Ear, just like you won’t always stay away from bacon. Fortunately for your dog, you call the shots. My Aussies get a Pig Ear or the Other Ear about once a month, since they’re still active dogs and not prone to weight gain. I believe it helps their aging coat and skin, too. And we rotate out with a variety of Jones Natural Chews every day. But the Other Ear is one of the few treats which will make them drool.


Because I believe that all dogs deserve a good drool session, we’re giving away the Other Ear to some lucky dog! Just click on the box and follow directions. It means leaving a comment. But tweeting about the contest daily really boosts your chances of winning (via the box below), as does visiting our Facebook page (liking the page doesn’t hurt any).

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Spreading the good chews …


27 thoughts on “What Exactly is The Other Ear?

  1. Umm…now I want bacon. Just sayin’. And is that Savvy’s Gryphon? She’s beautiful! I love German Shepherds. So loyal and protective. We had one, Cody, who adored the hubby. When we moved, we had to find him a home so we gave Cody to the police department. He’s a K-9 cop now. 🙂
    Heather recently posted..I need a booster shotMy Profile

  2. Seems obvious but I definitely never considered that pigs’ ears (or chins) were high-fat treats to be used sparingly – good point and good advice! We’ve obtained the odd ear or two, and both Moses and Alma were huge fans. No wonder! It’s that just the case in the delicious/unhealthy correlation of food!?
    Jen K recently posted..Treats at the Dog Park?My Profile

  3. I think Petal would love the other ear! She’s always trying to shoplift pig ears from our local feed store. I won’t allow it though because I have no idea where those ears come from. I’ll have to get her one from Jones! 🙂

    Also, I crave bacon now. Thanks. ;P
    One more thing, that mammoth bone is HUGE! Wow.
    Marquie recently posted..Monday Mischief: TeasingMy Profile

  4. I have a young Dachshund /Jack Russel mix. I gave her a little bed when she was a puppy. She got too long for her little bed, so I got her a bigger bed. I got the little bed out to wash it. I was planning on giving it away. She pulls the little bed into her crate, using her nose, she pushes the little bed on top of her present bed. She got in it. She was hanging out of it from two sides. She looked so proud of herself.

  5. My dogs are always making me smile. Yesterday we had unseasonably warm weather and I took them to the dog park. It was such a joy to see them running and playing. He was so happy that for a day winter was over.

  6. everything they do make me smile, except when they tear up things or poop/pee in the house. i love it when i come home and they are waiting at the door b/c they see my car coming down the road. as soon as i open the door, it is pick me up, kiss me, hold me. i also love it when it is beddy bye time and they all run to the bed, climb in and wait for me to brush their teeth b4 we go to bed. then they snuggle up under the covers and keep me warm at night. however, they like to see who can get the closest to me.

  7. Everything they do makes me smile, but I especially smile when Lil’ Miss Izzie brings me items that I drop. 🙂

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