Favorite Dog Photos

Favorite Dog Photos

Favorite Dog Photos

I asked myself, “Self, what should we do with our last two blogging days for Jones Natural Chews?” I responded, “We should have a bit of nostalgic fun! Let’s take a look at our favorite dog photos, yes?” And the answer, of course, was yes. Because who am I to argue with myself? Let’s begin with my very favorite dog photo of all:

Debonair Dog - Favorite dog photos with Jones Natural Chews
It was a serious toss up between Flash in a sombrero and the next photo. Flash in sombrero definitely won out. Wasn’t he the most handsome dog ever?

Because it’s also Wordless Wednesday over at BlogPaws, this works perfectly! Oh, and tomorrow’s fun will be a review of all of my VERY favorite treats from Jones Natural Chews. I have opinions. I’m not afraid to wield them. But for now, another favorite photo.

In the car, dogs riding
Y’all, losing these two the first of September was devastating. My heart, my soul – just gone. I do love this photo of Flash and Patches so much.

Do you have favorite dog photos? I know you’d love to share them. I’m pretty sure you can do that on the Jones Facebook page. Or tag us in a tweet @JonesChews. You can even tag us on Instagram @JonesChews. We’d love to see your cute pup!

Get this blasted hat off my head .. scary dogs
Chewy is typically a gentleman. Obviously. And I can’t find my favorite photo of him in his top hat and jacket. He really does need a monocle. Anyone know of a monocle for dogs?

My dog is obviously cuter than your dog. But you know the truth. I don’t have to say it out loud, right? To make up for Chewy’s cuteness, we have Gadget, the ugly dog. For an ugly dog, he sure is photogenic.

Give the patriotic dog a treat!
God bless America. ‘Murica!

Funny Favorite Dog Photos

Scrolling back through five and a half years of photos, it’s super tough to choose favorite dog photos. But a recurring favorite is Kato Jack. That dog’s eyes tell entire stories! Say hi to Kato Jack (and follow him on Facebook).

Kato Jack and the Table - For Love of a Treat
Kato Jack loves the gift sets – especially the Wuv You Treats full of jerky and taffy

The bow tie is the perfect foil for that face and fur, yes?

Blue Heeler Kato Jack
Kato is a Blue Heeler mix and was just a pup here. He’s now probably twice the size of a full blooded Heeler.

As darling as Kato Jack is, let’s take a peek at a couple more fun dogs.

Golden Sugar and a bearded lady
Sugar Golden Woofs was one of the kindest, gentlest dogs to grace social media. She’s sorely missed. My beard, however, is not.

Well then.

Give us a kiss at the mini BlogPaws in Tulsa www.DogTreatWeb.com
Louie the French Dog is the most adorable thing ever. He was giving Jimmy a kiss. Or something.

It’s no secret that Louie and I are BFFs.

How cancer effects my dogs
Sweet little Gadget is always good for a laugh.

And that’s it! There are just too many great photos to share. Feel free to use the search button near the top of this page and search for anything you’d like. It’s been such fun snapping photos and captioning them!

And y’all, don’t forget to give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …



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