Flea’s Favorite Jones Natural Chews Treats

Flea’s Favorite Jones Natural Chews Treats

Flea’s Favorite Jones Natural Chews Treats

A couple of these will be a surprise to no one who’s read this blog frequently. Today we’re covering my favorite Jones Natural Chews treats! I have a question for y’all to think on – what’s YOUR favorite Jones Natural Chews treat? Or, if you’d rather, what’s your dog’s favorite? I can’t choose a favorite for my dog, since I’ve had six dogs in the five years I’ve blogged for Jones, and I’ve treated scores of dogs.

Buster the Shih Tzu goes in for the kill with the Frank n Woofer from Jones Natural Chews
One little dog vs one little treat. Who will win? Buster? Or the Frank n Woofer?

Given that I’ve treated so many dogs, my choices are based on three things:

  1. Ease of carrying – small enough to stick in my pocket or a small bag in my purse, as well as dry enough to not leave a greasy residue (I hate that this has to be a criteria, but I’ve been carrying treats around for years, and it’s kind of important)
  2. Good for any size dog, including any breed of puppy – this is tougher than you’d think, but Jones does have quite a few
  3. At least one single ingredient treat, as well as one multi-ingredient treat – and no biscuits! But the beauty of my favorite Jones Natural Chews treats is that they’re all either meat or mostly meat

Let’s take a look at the first treat and see if it covers all three elements.

Lamb Lung Puffs

Y’all knew this one was coming. I’ve never been able to photograph it well, but the Lamb Lung Puffs are my very favorite Jones treat for good reason. Tell it hello.

A Lamb Lung Puff breaks into tiny pieces for rewarding dogs - favorite Jones Natural Chews treats
I love that a single Lamb Lung Puff breaks into this many tiny pieces.

Lamb Lung Puffs are easy to snap into tiny pieces. They’re dry, not greasy. Lamb Lung Puffs are perfect for any and all dogs. They’re also a single ingredient treat – lamb. This treat, I’ve always said, is crack for dogs. Seriously. I don’t know a single dog which doesn’t go bananas over Lamb Lung Puffs. Your dog wants a big ol’ bag in its sticking this year. Trust me. It’s my favorite for a reason.

Knee Caps

The Knee Cap is perfect for most size dogs. It’s more suited for small to medium size dogs, but a large dog can gnaw on it if monitored. This little bone is probably the sturdiest bone Jones makes. Covered in meaty bits, it’s baked to perfection. Y’all, the Knee Cap is also the perfect teething treat for puppies!

Tansy the puppy and her Knee Cap from Jones Natural Chews - the perfect treat for puppies
Tansy the Aussie puppy loved her Knee Cap

Every dog I’ve given a Knee Cap to has loved it. And it’s another single ingredient treat which makes dogs smile.


Jones makes both Beefee Snapz and Chickee Snapz. They’re both newer treats, but they quickly became my third favorite treats. The biggest two reasons for this are that they’re already made small – about the size of a silver dollar – and I’ve never had a dog turn one down. They’re irresistible. Easy to carry, easy to give. Dogs will do just about anything for Snapz.

Gadget loves Jones Natural Chews. His mama loves that all Jones chews are available all in one convenient place - Natural Dog Treat Shop.
Gadget and his tiny little mouth just can’t handle many treats, but he LOVES the Snapz!

Honorable Mention

Jones makes so many amazing treats! It was tough to choose only three of my favorite Jones Natural Chews treats. So I have to mention just a few more.

  • Pig Ears – these may have been the very first treats which Jones made, and they’re a long standing favorite of dogs everywhere. A single ingredient treat, they’re just yummy.
  • Bandit’s Bone – their original stuffed bone, the four inch center bone is stuffed with ground beef and baked. The beef mix is a hard pack and will keep your dog occupied for a long time.
  • Big Paw Jerky – this treat is my go to when I need a pocketful of easy treats in a new setting. I pull one out, snap it into little pieces, and dogs automatically love me more than they do their owners.
  • Stuffed Windees – another new treat, this is fast becoming a favorite for me. Again, dogs don’t refuse this treat! And the beef trachea is full of glucosamine and chondroitin.

The Real Reason Jones Are My Favorites

I say all these things, and they’re all true, the reasons which makes these treats my favorites, but there are underlying reasons for buying Jones Natural Chews.

  • Always all natural – never any artificial ingredients, EVER
  • Always grown and made in the USA – ingredients all come from American farms, and are cut, baked and packaged in Rockford, IL
  • Meat treats – you won’t find any biscuits at Jones! The first ingredient is always a meat – beef, pork, chicken, duck, venison or rabbit
  • Family owned company – the Jones family has been in the meat business – from slaughter houses to butcher shops to dog treats – for over 150 YEARS. And they’re good people who treat their employees and customers right

If your dog hasn’t tried Jones Natural Chews, there’s no better time than the present. Check our store locator (most feed stores and many pet stores sell Jones). Or pop over to Natural Dog Treat Shop or Jeffers Pet to find any of our treats. Your dog will thank you. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. Lung bits are a huge favorite around the Ranch. And the fact that they are not greasy and able to be broken into smaller bits make them the perfect treat. I think every jacket I own has some lung bits in the right pocket!
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