French Bulldogs Love Bully n Beef

French Bulldogs Love Bully n Beef

French Bulldogs Love Bully n Beef

Jones Natural Chews is giving one lucky dog one of their newer treats, the Bully N Beef Wrap! Last summer I was fortunate enough to house Louie the French Dog, exclusive model for The French Dog haute couture for lucky pups, so was able to catch him in the act of nomming on a Bully N Beef. Say hi to this cutie pie of a Frenchie.

Bully N Beef from Jones Natural Chews,

What is a Bully N Beef Wrap, you ask? I love that Jones Natural Chews keps their treats so simple. The Bully N Beef Wrap is two ingredients – a Windee (beef trachea) and a Bully Stick. Both are beef, and one is wrapped and knotted through the other. Check it out.

Bully N Beef from Jones Natural Chews,

This is the coolest treat ever. Like every Jones Natural Chew, the Windee and Bully Stick are 100% all natural and 100% grown and produced in the USA. Like every Jones Natural Chew, the Bully N Beef Wrap is baked with the perfect amount of moisture, not smoked. Smoking, especially with bones (I know this treat isn’t bones – I’m just sayin’), makes for a more brittle treat, which can be dangerous. Baking is GOOD. Two ingredients in your dog’s treat is GOOD. All beef is GOOD.

What Makes This Treat Special

But what makes this treat special? What really sets it apart? The Bully N Beef Wrap is part Windee, one of my favorite treats ever. I have two senior Aussies (15 years old) with joint problems. The Windee is nature’s highest natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin. It’s also a tough treat, making for a longer lasting chew for many dogs. Combine that with a tough Bully Stick and you’ve got a great treat for a senior dog, or for nearly any dog. A dog like Louie.

Bully N Beef from Jones Natural Chews,

The New Bully Line

Jones Natural Chews has a new Bully line, if you hadn’t noticed. We’ll be introducing a couple more of these new treats in the coming weeks, giving them away. I adore this particular one, mostly because of the Windee. But the Bully Stick is the perfect pairing with other single ingredient treats from Jones. Like with the Bully N Beef Wrap, it can be looped through and tied off prior to baking, or it can have other treats wrapped around it before baking. The Bully Stick is perfect!

My only caution with a Bully is that it may, depending on your dog and their chewing habit, get gummy at the end of the treat. So, like with any other treat (as one would when giving a toddler a treat), just keep your eye on your dog. A super aggressive chewer can either make quick work of the Bully Stick, or gum it up and try to swallow the last bit of it. My own dogs do not, since none of them are aggressive chewers, but Louie got to the end of the Bully N Beef and decided to try inhaling. His mama was watchful and kept that from happening. She knows her dog. She knows his chewing habits. Just like I knew to watch my youngest child around bookshelves – he’d always try climbing them to the top, toppling them onto himself. Yeah. That was my kid.


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Now go. Give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. My dogs relax either on the couch or my bed. Especially after taking a long walk or playing hard in our yard. Mostly they just want to be by me when they are relaxing.

  2. my 3 gals relax when mom is home. mom relaxes the girls by giving them tummy rubs and massages. as long as mom is close by, the girls are relaxed.

  3. She loves taking naps on the side of the toilet bowl up against it and the wall! My dad calls her tidy bowl! LOL!

  4. She relaxes by rolling around in the grass or napping with us on the sofa. I think she also finds it relaxing to chew and play with her toys.

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