Funny Bone Monday, 29

Funny Bone Monday, 29

Today’s Funny Bone Monday will be a treat for your dog. Make sure your pooch is near the computer. Turn your speakers up – well, not all the way up, but enough. In assembling today’s post, my own dogs have given me many quizzical looks.

Did y’all see the super moon this weekend? I wasn’t paying attention, but I hear it was beautiful. Does anyone’s dog howl at the moon? Do wolves and coyotes really howl at the moon? Today we’re going to see howling dogs!

So? Did your dog respond?This is the look Flash gave me when he heard all the commotion:

Flash is sad.
Really mama? Really? You torture our ears with that?

With this next one, you have to hang in there for a good twenty seconds, but it’s worth it. This Shih Tzu has the most bizarre “howl” I’ve ever heard.

Yes? I might watch that one again. My mama’s Shih Tzu doesn’t howl like that, but Miss Honey does tell pretty funny jokes.

Shih Tzu tells a funny joke
Honey has just told my daughter a great joke and I missed it. They refused to repeat it. Now I’m suspicious.

Oh my dog. This poor puppy, Cody. He’s in pain. Or something. They need to see a vet about this. Seriously.

Have you ever heard such a pathetic howl? Even Gandalf was upset by this.

Egyptian Fayoumi chicken with attitude
Could you keep it down in there, please? You’re scaring all the bugs.

Now, this next is a personal favorite, since I once played the harmonica. Our dog, Jerald, sang with me every time. My dogs now? Not so much;

I love singing dogs. I’m hoping that my goose will sing one day. He still peeps, but occasionally he honks a little, too. It’s so cute. Just like him.

Snuggling with Ryan gosling
Ryan Gosling is looking very goosy now. I’m happy that he’s still willing to snuggle every evening before bed.

This next one is long-ish. You don’t have to watch the whole thing. But the first minute is just cute. If only because it’s an English Mastiff doing this.

Was that just precious? Now, for the next video, y’all tell me if it’s a Boston or a Frenchie? I don’t know.

Lemme tell ya what makes my dogs howl – the rabbit. Yes, O’Humper makes them whine, bark and howl. He drives them crazy. I’m making an appointment for next week to have O’Humper neutered. Or turned into a leprechaun. Whatever.

Rabbit in a cute hat
Holland Lop, Irish Lop – what’s the diff?

Yeah. So.

Next week kicks off a month of weekly treat giveaways to celebrate our one year blogaversary! (Click here for my first real blog post, chronicling day one of my official kick off road trip) Are you ready for treat mania? I sure hope you are!! I’m thinking I might let you chose your treats! So subscribe if you don’t want to miss it, or Like us on FaceCrack to see the daily blog updates.

Until I write again …


18 thoughts on “Funny Bone Monday, 29

  1. Well…the video didn’t have any effect on my turtles ๐Ÿ˜‰ they kept on sleeping.

    I saw the super moon…gorgeous! I was in the middle of a concert, enjoying the moon before the band finally began their show and then I forgot the moon ๐Ÿ˜‰

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