Funny Bone Monday 6

Funny Bone Monday 6

Yay for Funny Bone Monday! Today my Hunny has the flu. Boo for the flu. Praying I don’t get it. So a little funny today will go a long way, yes? Yes.

But first, let’s look at the dog flu. I’d never heard of the dog flu, and at first I thought this was just the news and their scare tactics, but it seems it’s real and serious. The news I found about it is all at least a year old. If you’re concerned, ask your vet if it’s a) still going around, and b) a problem in your area in particular.

Don’t panic. That’s just so you’re informed.

Oh. My. Word. This next video is for lazy people. Like me.

It’s pretty cool, though, that the dog learned to load the machine himself, huh? Too bad Christmas is past. Maybe Flash and Patches will want one for my birthday.

I don’t know if I’ve told you all, but I’m homeschooling my youngest child. He’s a high school freshman. It’s why he can do things like bring Mary Ann in the house in the middle in the day.

In the house
A chicken and her boy – we need more of this

Because we homeschool, I look for unusual ways to teach him things. Unusual videos. Like this one.

I about died laughing when I found this video. Evidently she’s done several of these. Can you imagine teaching chemistry using her videos? That would ROCK. Hmmmm …

Speaking of chemical bonds, check this out.

Did you just break out in a huge smile? I sure did. Adorable.

Dog chemistry. What a concept. Here’s a dog who’s bonded with the bed. Feel free to skip to the last ten seconds. Or watch the entire thing.

Y’all, this next one involves dog toys and is just kinda neat. Whodda thunk? This could be an interesting semester for us after all.

One last dog science video –

And there you have it! A fun Monday, with a little learning thrown in from beginning to end! Have a great day, y’all!

Until I write again …


P.S. Mary Ann wanted to say hi. And no, this bucket of chicken is not a consumable.

Chicken in a Bucket
Mary Ann jumped into the bird seed bucket to eat. There are about a million sparrows who come to the feeder, so I keep feed on hand for them, too. Mary Ann thinks it’s for her. πŸ™‚

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