Funny Shih Tzu Dogs, FBM 228

Funny Shih Tzu Dogs, FBM 228

Funny Shih Tzu Dogs

Happy Funny Bone Monday, y’all! Today’s videos are all about funny Shih Tzu dogs! And today we announce the winner of the Jones Natural Chews Bully Bone giveaway, so stay tuned till the end!

Why funny Shih Tzu dogs? Yesterday I had a photo shoot with THE cutest Shih Tzu imaginable. Buster is a new dog of Jones and was modeling the giveaway which starts tomorrow. Oh my dog – he’s definitely a fan. Okay, I’ll give you a little preview:

Buster the funny Shih Tzu poses for the camera
Buster the funny Shih Tzu is a born model, posing for the camera like a champ. If only all dogs posed this well!

Isn’t he darling?!? So he’s my inspiration for funny Shih Tzu dog videos. Funnily enough, plenty of Shih Tzu owners just THINK their dogs are funny. Happily, I found one that’s hilarious. Unintentionally so on the dog’s part, but it made me laugh.

And oh my gosh – Buster the funny Shih Tzu does THIS, too!

I need to teach Chewy to beg like this. Do Shih Tzus naturally do this? Our next video you’ll recognize a couple of them, but they crack me up.

Y’all, is the yelling a funny Shih Tzu thing? My mom has a cute little Shih Tzu and she never yells like that. And the dog on the baby! I can totally see my Gadget doing that if it’s the only lap in the room. Same look on his face and everything. One last video –

I can totally see my mom’s funny Shih Tzu, Honey, doing this. She does love her toys. She stops playing with them when they get too icky, so mom has to wash them.

I hope you enjoyed today’s videos. Let’s see who won the Bully Bone from Jones Natural Chews, shall we?


Today’s winner, randomly chosen by Rafflecopter (the people who make the contest boxes I use), is …

JoAnn Stancer of Sand Spring Chesapeakes! Congratulations, JoAnn! Gambler, Glory, Preacher and Guilty are going to LOVE their Bully Bones! I know they’re already big Jones fans and we’re more than happy that you all won! And y’all, check out her line of lip balms and hand cream. They were a real life saver when I was going through chemo and was SO dried out. Thank you, JoAnn!

Make sure y’all come back tomorrow, okay? We’ll be having another giveaway from Jones Natural Chews and you won’t want to miss it!

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. I still can’t believe I won!!! My gang is going to go nuts with this new jones product. I will for sure be taking photos and videos. Thanks Flea and Jones! Thanks for the shout out on my products as well. I just made a new batch of each. 🙂 will put some in the mail for you again.

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