Furry Friends, FBM 91

Furry Friends, FBM 91

Have you entered the contest giveaway yet? No?! DO IT NOW! Your dog will thank you.

Today’s Funny Bone Monday is the furry friends variety. I’m starting out with one of our favorite furry friends, Sugar the Golden Retriever. She stopped by the Jones booth at the Total Pet Expo a week ago and snagged a yummy Slammer Bone. A great choice for a Golden, I think.

A Golden with a bone
OM NOM NOM – Sugar is set to devour that Slammer Bone. Furry friends deserve nothing but the best treats. All natural, 100% sourced and made in the USA – what could be better?

Sugar’s mom was gracious and sent photos of her lovely Golden nomming on the Slammer.

Meaty bits of goodness on a big ol' bone
Look at the delight on Sugar’s face! This furry friend will be gnawing for days. Little bits of meaty goodness cover that bone – enough to keep Sugar busy for hours!

I love seeing happy dogs, don’t you? And remember – bones are for gnawing, not for eating. If your dog breaks a bone apart quickly, it’s not the right bone for your dog. Take it away. And get a bigger bone!

I saw the most wonderful furry friend commercial and just have to share.

I love that message – don’t leave your furry friends waiting forever. Be safe. For people, for dogs. Do the right thing. Make a plan now.

Enough of the sappy! Let’s see funny!

Does your dog have a furry friend? Does your dog want a furry friend? Your local shelter has plenty to choose from. All four of our furry friends are rescue, from three separate organizations.

I like that this next dog loves his human enough to rescue him from certain death.

And I’ll leave the furry friends videos on this happy, waggy, licky note:

Happy Funny Bone Monday, everyone! May your Monday be cheerful and full of great treats!

Until I write again …


P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Dance Off! Shoot, I’ll even accept videos or you and your human friends dancing to the Jones jingle!

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