Giant Schnauzer, Breed of the Week

Giant Schnauzer, Breed of the Week

Giant Schnauzer, Breed of the Week

After this weekend’s adventure, inviting myself and Jones Natural Chews into the home of a perfect stranger (a home where the Giant Schnauzer reigns supreme), I thought it only right that the Giant Schnauzer be our breed of the week. Such a gorgeous breed. We’ll do what we always do and break it down four ways:

  1. Get to know the breed itself
  2. Talk about why getting a Giant Schnauzer is a good idea
  3. Talk about why having a Giant Schnauzer might not be right for you
  4. Entertain which Jones Natural Chews the Giant Schnauzer would like best

Are we good? Let’s talk about …

What This Breed Is All About

Here’s what Dog Breed Info, one of my favorite sites, has to say about this dog:

The Giant Schnauzer is an intelligent, versatile working dog that will be calm with enough exercise. Reliable, brave, loyal, bold and vigorous, it loves to be with its owner at all times. It is easy to train, responding best to firm, calm consistency with a positive attitude, rewarding good behavior. If the Giant Schnauzer is properly trained and well exercised with a firm owner, it makes a very good pet.

They go on to  say that if they’re not well socialized from a young age, they can be very suspicious and overprotective of their family. A loud bark, which I experienced this weekend, and aggression, which I did not experience, happen easily with the breed. Reading through about how hard-headed this breed can be, I see now that the breeder at Oklahoma Giants is doing an excellent job with his dogs. All four giant beasts met me at the door. They all barked very loudly at this stranger. They all stopped and sniffed the hand I offered, as well as my pant leg, my jacket, my camera case. Then they all declared that I was fine and led me into the living area. We got on very nicely from there and I never felt unsafe.

Pros of Owning a Giant Schnauzer

  • Are you looking for a giant breed? A dog to protect you and your family? This might just be the dog for you. Their bark is impressive.
  • For people with allergies, the Giant Schnauzer is a must have, since it doesn’t shed
  • Do you run marathons? Bike? Play disk golf? Are you active? Then this might be the dog for you. They need extensive exercise daily.
  • Grooming seems to be fairly simple with the Giant Schnauzer. The ones I visited were shaved fairly short. Their coat is wiry, but the undercoat is dense and can mat if not cared for.

Sounds like the owner of a Giant Schnauzer really needs to know the breed going in, that they’re not for everyone. In fact, I read that owners who aren’t prepared to train and socialize this dog properly, as well as give it enough consistent exercise, wind up rehoming the dog before the age of two. But if you’re prepared? It’s probably the very best dog in the world for you.

Cons of Owning a Giant Schnauzer

  • That exercise thing? If you’re not prepared to walk or run your dog daily for long stretches, don’t get this dog. A dog which doesn’t get enough exercise, or have a job to do, is a bored and restless dog. A bored and restless dog is a destructive dog. Every time. And this is a mighty large dog for destroying. I can only imagine.
  • If you’re in a position, like I am, where you can’t leave the house, can’t have people over too often – you can’t socialize a puppy in an ongoing fashion – don’t get this dog. You’ll have a lawsuit on your hands before you know it because someone will get hurt. The Giant Schnauzer, unsocialized, becomes overprotective. Honestly, though? That can be said of a lot of breeds. Socialize your dog.
  • Health concerns – this breed is prone to cancer, especially toe cancer. I’d never heard of toe cancer. Now we know. It’s also prone to bloat, epilepsy and hip dysplasia. Get to know your breeder and their dogs. Ask lots of questions about the line.
  • Do you live in an apartment? Don’t get a Giant Schnauzer. They need plenty of space both indoors and out. In fact, acreage is best for the breed.

I hope this helps. And I hope that if you were looking at the breed because of its size and appearance only, that I’ve caused you to stop and think. Not all giant breeds have the temperament of the Giant Schnauzer. This dog is unique and suited for homes which are prepared to love and train it the right way. If that’s you, might I suggest you give Oklahoma Giants a call? They don’t have litters very frequently, but the dogs they turn out are quite handsome and loved. Have this post in front of you and ask questions if you do give them a call.

Caesar the Giant Schnauzer, of Oklahoma Giants in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Which Treats Would a Giant Schnauzer Like?

This one is easy peasy. The dogs I visited devoured the three inch Windees I brought. Great for their joints, their hips. They loved the Large Strap Sticks I gave them, but it took them a little longer to eat them. I’m guessing that they’d love a Dino Bone from Jones Natural Chews, that it would keep them busy for awhile. And they’d probably get a kick out of the Bandit’s Bone, a hard pack stuffed bone, filled with ground beef.

Spreaking of the Strap Stick, we’re currnetly hosting a giveaway. Your dog wants them, regardless of it’s size. For a smaller dog it’s a long lasting chew. To enter to win, click this sentence, leave a comment in the new window, click the box and click “I commented”. That should do it. Tweet about it, follow our Facebook and Twitter pages, if you want to earn more points toward winning.

Let me know if you’re familiar with the Giant Schnauzer or have one yourself. Correct me where I’m wrong, please. This is designed to be educational for someone interested in getting one, so I’d like them to be well informed. Thanks!

Spreading the good chews …


3 thoughts on “Giant Schnauzer, Breed of the Week

  1. We had a giant schnauzer in one of our training classes. I’m pretty sure his owner’s had never really trained him well, and bringing him to class as an adult, well….let’s say it was a train-wreck. That poor dog sure had some issues.

    It is important, no matter what size/breed dog you get, that you at least give it some training and exercise. 🙂
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