Giveaway and Blog Changes Coming Soon

Giveaway and Blog Changes Coming Soon

Giveaway and Blog Changes Coming Soon

Change – I hate change, y’all, but sometimes it’s for the best. I need to let y’all know about some giveaway and blog changes happening soon, as in this week. Good changes, I’m pretty darn sure.

In the five and a half years I’ve blogged for Jones Natural Chews, I’ve done my best to be as transparent as possible with y’all. I tell you about the great elements of treats (just about everything with nearly every treat), as well as the things I don’t like about treats (hooves stink when they’re chewed – there’s no getting around that truth). Today is going to be no different. Change is a’comin’ and you need to know about it!

Changes Within Jones Natural Chews

Changes within Jones have been happening for nearly two years. Jones Natural Chews are amazing all natural treats, Made in the USA with USA-sourced ingredients. That doesn’t change. And because they’re so incredible, the company is growing. It happens. And they’ve had to bring in people to help them grow responsibly, while still turning out the very best treats on the market. A lot harder to do than it sounds.

Bully Basted Snorks from Jones Natural Chews - Treat your dog to happiness
Kato Jack is a huge fan of Jones Natural Chews Bully Basted Snorks

I, as their blogger, am in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while Jones the company is in Rockford, Illinois. Also meaning that, bringing everything in-house, this particular blogger is moving on to other pastures. Not greener ones, necessarily, since this has been the very best job in the entire world, but different ones.

Is This Goodbye?

Y’all, Jones Natural Chews will NEVER not be my favorite treat for my dogs. I’m grateful that, in the five years since I began blogging for Jones, Tulsa and Oklahoma have expanded their treat stock to include Jones in Atwoods, Tractor Supply and Southern Agriculture stores. I can find them where I already shop! So for me, it’s not goodbye when it comes to giving my own dogs Jones Natural Chews. I know it won’t be for you, either, if you’ve ever given them to your dog. That would be like having Godiva truffles, then going back to Hershey bars. You just can’t!

Buster the Shih Tzu begs for a Jones Natural Chews Frank n Woofer - all natural dog treat goodness
Buster the Shih Tzu begs for a Frank n Woofer – any treat is the perfect treat if it’s from Jones Natural Chews

But goodbye to my voice here and in social media? Yes. Oh my word. As much as I dearly love this job, after five and a half years, I’m ready for a break. Not from y’all. Not from Jones. But from social media itself. Social media is loud and demanding. I’m looking forward to a little peace and quiet. The timing couldn’t be better, since we’re hoping to make our move to the country in the next week or two. I’ll be petting my cow, playing with my puppies, watching my duck and geese, all from the comfort of our ten acres in the country. Eventually I’ll miss you all and wander back here to read and comment.

But What About Giveaways? What About the Blog?

Good news! The giveaways will continue as is for the foreseeable future. The Jones blog will also continue, but with a few changes in the spirit of providing even more information and communications from the Jones team, and perhaps some visual changes over the next month or so. Of course, better communication is better for all of y’all in the long run. There will probably be some kind of adjustment period. And I’m guessing that, overall, the blog will be greatly improved. As it should. Y’all deserve more and better.

So I’ll be blogging most of this week. I do love this company. But cancer for a year, readying a house for sale, losing my two senior dogs, moving – it’s just time. The best thing about it all have been the friendships developed along the way. So, look for me in my usual places. I’ll be posting cow and duck photos, as well as spectacular views from my new front porch. And I’ll be popping in here to enter giveaways. Heh. Y’all better up your entry game, because IT IS ON.

Spreading the good chews …


11 thoughts on “Giveaway and Blog Changes Coming Soon

  1. So will you still be on Facebook at all? Will I see you at Blogpaws next year? Just wondering if you will still make roadtrips, just not spreading Jones treats all over – you know me and my Ladiez still welcome you anytime – you don’t have to visit bearing gifts.

    PS – I don’t like change much either – had too much of it.
    Kim Brooks recently posted..#ThreeDogBakery InfluencersMy Profile

  2. Your blogging here will be missed. I know that everyone totally understands your reasoning. Thankfully, I will not be saying farewell to you. Having you as one of my bestest buddies won’t change.
    Wishing you nothing but happy new adventures!

  3. I know you will make the most of this change in your life. I’ll be really excited to see more of your homesteading adventures.

    Best of luck in the transition.

  4. Well, at least we’re glad we’ll still be seeing those duck and cow photos on Facebook! I’m excited for you for your new venture in the country! Buying our new home in the country with our 17 acres, and starting a little farm and growing it slowly has been the best thing we’ve ever done in our lives!
    Not all changes are good, but some are, and sometimes it just takes time for it all to work itself out for the best. Congratulations and good luck on your new venture, but we’ll sure miss you telling us all about Jones!

  5. Oh man, this makes us sad. You were one of the first bloggers we found online and then got to meet in person! Change is often hardest for those not making the change. You have all kinds of things to look forward to, but the rest of us stay where we are. Enjoy! You deserve it!
    Emma recently posted..Emma’s 2017 Gift Suggestions For DogsMy Profile

  6. We will miss you but understand also, as we say in Hebrew MeShane Makom, Meshane Mazal, Change of Place, change of luck, good luck with your move and everything else. You know where to find us with lots of love xxxx <3 <3

  7. Oh my I never thought this would happen but I truly understand and wish you the best. You need to focus on you and your new farm and I’m excited for that. You will be missed here on the blog and I hope to see you on facebook a bunch. Thank you for all that you did with the blog and Jones, I’m so glad our paths crossed! Good luck to you!!

  8. i am so sorry but i hope that we will still “see” you. i know it is a lot of work blogging, social media. i would not be on social media except for the giveaways, even though i have met some amazing people. it is very time consuming, and you really have not privacy. people can google you to find things abt you more easily. i hope that your new life will bring you much joy and happiness along with some new adventures that you will share with your friends. does this mean you will no longer be working for Jones? you have had a lot to deal with in the past few years and i am surprised that you continued through it all. wish you the best. i saw a magazine in the store and thought of you, it was Modern Farmer, it had an article abt farm dogs.

  9. Thanks for introducing us to Jones! Social media can be quite exhausting. Good to take breaks. Some days I’d love to chuck it all… Wish you all the best and will still “see” you on Facebook!

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