Goofy Dog Syndrome, the Contest

Goofy Dog Syndrome, the Contest

Do you have a goofy dog? Do you know a goofy dog? Then you know how serious Goofy Dog Syndrome (GDS) can be. It’s not something to laugh at, people. It’s something to have a contest for.

Poor Goofy Dog
Sometimes mamas don’t help matters

When I first suspected that my dog had GDS, it nearly broke my heart. We’d go out in public and all the other dogs would be snickering into their shoulders. Some would even sit down, tail thumping, tongue hanging out, laughing OUT LOUD at my poor doggy. Can you believe it?!?

I know. What’s a mama to do?

I’ll tell you what a mama does. This mama reaches out to other dogs and their mamas around the country and around the world. I’m looking for other dogs with Goofy Dog Syndrome, mamas and dogs who will unite behind me, lock arms, let those mean bully dogs know that we won’t stand for their abuse anymore!


Now for the exciting part! In order to bring awareness to our pooches’ plight, I’d like to give away a treat to a deserving goofy dog! You all have one week, that’s until midnight central standard time US on Wednesday night of next week (August 15, 2012), to submit photos of your goofy dog! I’ll randomly choose a winner (since we all know it would be horribly unfair to tell any dog he or she is the goofiest of all!), then let that deserving dog choose the treat they would like from Jones Natural Chews. It will be shipped directly to your house.

First Goofy Dog Contest
Whose dog is the goofiest?

That’s right! You, goofy pup, will choose the treat you want! You will go to the product page at Jones Natural Chews and find the treat which makes you drool, makes your tail wag, makes you sit, stay, beg! Be sure to choose one which is right for YOU by clicking on Choosing the Right Chew.

Here’s how to submit your photo:

  • You can email your goofy dog photo to flea at jonesnaturalchews dot com, as well as leave a comment here – I’ll post the photos I receive here next Thursday
  • You can post a photo of your goofy dog on your blog, then leave a comment here letting me know to come look – I’ll post links to all these posts next Thursday


Solidarity Goofy Dogs! May you drool in peace!

Until I write again …


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