Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day

National Dog Day

Did you know that it’s National Dog Day? You do now! And like an episode of your favorite TV show, when the writers have run out of ideas and/or money, we’re going to have flashbacks to some of our favorite dogs. We’ll start with the cutest one – my Chewy.

National Dog Day

I seriously wish I’d found a monocle to fit his tiny face, and that he’d wear it. Y’all, he lifts his pinky when he sips his tea. Swear.

National Dog Day

Patches represents the international dogs, today, this National Dog Day. She likes long walks in the park, Jones Natural Chews, and rolling in the grass on a sunny day. Her mother was Australian (shepherd), her father German (shepherd), and she rocks a sombrero. Does your dog rock a sombrero? I don’t think so.

Where Do You Meet Dogs?

Pyrenean Shepherd on National Dog Day

This handsome Pyrenean Shepherd (it is too a thing – hush) represents the beautiful dogs I’ve met while attending the National Agility Trials over the years. I’ve discovered breeds, while walking the grounds, that were entirely new to me. This little guy is small and quick, and totally adorable.

Bedlington Terrier on the grooming table = National Dog Day

My first encounter with the Bedlington Terrier was at Westminster last year. What an amazing time with dogs! The best of the best were competing. National Dog Day wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse of one of the strangest looking dogs on the planet. In a cute way.

Kona and the Blog Paws duckling - National Dog Day

I’ve met some of my dearest friends at events like BlogPaws, a conference for pet bloggers and social media gurus. Kona, here, has a sweet mama. Kona wanted this duckling as a pet. At least, that’s what she told me. It seems her mom, Deanna, knows Kona better than I do and nixed the idea.

Great Pyr with a bone from Jones Natural Chews - National Dog Day

I’ve made other lovely friends through one of my favorite parts of this job – going into strangers’ homes to give their dogs treats. This handsome Great Pyrenees/Anatolian mix belongs to someone who is now a great friend. Dogs are everywhere, people. They bring us together.

A young dog learns new tricks - National Dog Day

Last, the random fun of being a dog blogger is meeting dogs in strange places. I snapped this at a Renaissance Faire in Muskogee, OK. There was a dog show! This little guy was just a puppy and still learning the tricks.

I certainly hope you fully enjoy National Dog Day. Better yet, I hope your dog enjoys it more. Give your pooch a Jones Natural Chew and it will be the best National Dog Day EVER. Promise.


Speaking of Jones Natural Chews, they’re giving one lucky dog a Beefy Straight Crown! To enter, click this sentence, then scroll down in the new window to comment, using Rafflecopter. Remember, tweeting daily really amps up the points and betters your chance at winning! Which is what your dog wants. Naturally.

Spreading the good chews …


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