Help! My Dog is Shedding Like Crazy!

Help! My Dog is Shedding Like Crazy!

My Dog is Shedding Like Crazy!

Do you have one of those dogs? The kind with the double coat? What do you do when your dog is shedding like crazy? Do you spend a lot of money for grooming? For de-furmination? Do you launder your dog? Comb or brush?

Patches' first brushing and the undercoat rake
Patches’ first brushing and the undercoat rake

Twelve years with an Australian shepherd and we never did learn to effectively groom her. Honestly, the major shedding all over the house was my biggest complaint with the Aussie. Two thick coats of long-ish fur, shedding all year, but really blowing out the coat in February/March, then again in October. And with the black and white tri, there was no carpet color to mask that fur. I chose our current carpet hoping it would do a halfway decent job. As many things as I do well, housework is not one of them.

Yes, I'm showing you the carpet before I vacuum. I've already used the brush to scrape up a lot of the hair.
Yes, I’m showing you the carpet before I vacuum. I’ve already used the brush to scrape up a lot of the hair.

Australian Shepherds Shed Like Crazy

Then we adopted TWO big Aussie mixes, both with more fur than the original dog. What was I thinking?!? I tried looking at other breeds, but there just weren’t any low-shed dogs which would fit our family. And really? Look at these two:

Aussie grooming session
They take turns licking each other’s faces and ears. Does absolutely nothing about the fur.

So we adopted Flash and Patches, then moved to Tulsa a couple of years later, still frustrated with the shedding and hair all over the house. Buying new brushes, trying whatever looked like it would work.


One of the nice things about moving is meeting new people. In Tulsa I made friends with a woman who told me about de-furminating. She took her dog twice annually for grooming and swore by it, so I scheduled my dogs for de-furminating.

A hundred dollars later, I was convinced that de-furminating was a miracle gift from God, as the Aussies were at LEAST a third lighter, masses of hair having been removed. It was AMAZING. I was also convinced that I couldn’t afford this miracle twice a year, no matter how wonderful it was.

So I searched. I dug. I researched. How do I de-furminate in the comfort of my own home? Or my back porch? Even using tools I found online, there was shampoo and conditioner involved, and the process was a little more involved than I liked.

Removing Undercoat at Home

So I dug some more. And I came up with an undercoat brush. A small, simple tool which cost me five bucks at WalMart in the pet section.

When my dog is shedding, and even when it's not, I grab this little brush
When my dog is shedding, and even when it’s not, I grab this little brush

Y’all this little tool has been a life saver. I’m convinced it’s even gone so far as to turn my marriage around. Seriously. If you have a double coated dog – say an Australian shepherd or a Corgi – you know what I’m talking about. HAIR EVERYWHERE. When your dog is shedding, there’s no sanity.

For this post, I did a search for undercoat brush and came up with a TON of brushes, otherwise known as an undercoat rake. How on earth did I go so long not knowing about this brush?!? And many places online, it really is five dollars, including WalMart and here.

Did you watch the video above? The de-furmination of the Akita? The undercoat rake is a lot like that. Piles and piles of hair come free in less than thirty seconds. I kid you not.

Where Do You Brush Your Dogs?

I usually brush the dogs outside. Flash doesn’t like the brushing, but Patches will keep coming back for more. I don’t try and tackle mats with this brush. I simply brush their back, chest, sides and hind legs with the brush. I try and brush them once a week while I’m outside, so I keep the brush by the back door. When spring and fall roll around and I’m filling kitchen trash bags with hair, I try and brush every day for about a week. It’s amazing how much hair a 50 pound dog generates. It’s amazing how easy it is to get the loose undercoat out with the undercoat rake. Seriously.


Obviously this is a recycled post, since my babies have been over the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks. But this is the time of year when dogs begin to blow their coats, so I thought you’d like to know about the undercoat rake, if you didn’t already know. And I thought you’d like to know about the latest giveaway from Jones Natural Chews! You still have plenty of time to take advantage of it, to tweet daily and boost your chances of winning. Simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the post which will open, then click the giveaway box and click I Commented! Clicking all the other stuff in that box is just gravy, y’all.

Now go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Treat your dog to happiness.

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10 thoughts on “Help! My Dog is Shedding Like Crazy!

  1. Bless my darling flat coat, low-shed darlings. Seriously… the very thought of all that hair makes me itchy! You are a saint. A patient and loving saint.

  2. Let me just say that anyone complaining about shedding should borrow a Kuvasz for a day…they shed 24/7/365! The more mom “de-furs” the more she sheds so we have a once a week brushing policy. We could knit a sweater from all that fur every week! Even the car dealer commented about all the white fur when we traded in our last car! Mom hasn’t worn dark colors since she got Katie, it is absolutely nuts! We love everything about her but mom is just not sure if she can ever get one again because the shedding is really out of control and if you read posts from other Kuvasz owners they all talk about the shedding thing. It is really nuts and mom has had other dogs that shed or blow coats but this is constant and always. Luckily I don’t shed so Katie makes up for my portion as well. Sometimes mom gets so frustrated she wants to spray Katie down with glue in the hope that her fur would stay attached for a day or two – LOL!
    emma recently posted..No More Skating | GBGV | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  3. I recently discovered the undercoat rake too. The first time I used it was also the first time I got Pierson. They day I rescued him from the park, I took him to Pawsh Wash for a flea and tick bath (poor boy was covered with both). I used their rake brush and was greatly impressed. I recognized the brand and paid $7 for my own. Best investment ever! Although, I still spend a lot of time grooming.

    BTW, my carpet looks just like yours. What’s sad is that my dogs aren’t allowed in that room with the carpet. We track all that hair in their with our feet.
    Dawn recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Preview of the Kumfy KoatzMy Profile

  4. Our last pup was a champion shedder. Luckily we have known about the undercoat rake thing for a while – although technically the one we have is a horse brush, but it works the same and was just as cheap. (I can’t believe the price people pay for the “Furminator” brand – seen them marked as high as $55!)

    Our current dog is a coat-blower. I never understood that term before until we got her! But at least it’s only twice a year!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Old-Fashioned TweetsMy Profile

  5. I thought my GSD and a Chow Chow dog were shedders till I heard about yours! Geez, well we live in Fl and it is hot year round. I shave my doggies about every 3 months and this does eliminate most of the shedding problem. I do own the very expensive Furminator tool and it works wonders with the in between times. I do miss the full coat look of the Chow Chow, as she is red and beautiful, but with the heat and humidity here my doggies are better off without extra fur! I buy an expensive shaver from Pet-Edge and do home grooming and this has worked out well for our situation. In winter if we do get a chilly day they all have their sweaters/t-shirts/hoodies to put on!

  6. My furbrother Keiko sheds soooo much!!! (He’s a Shiba Inu) His furballs are everywhere! My humom has to vacuum almost everyday! He’s gotten too old to be brushed regularly…he’s really old now and the brushing scares him. My humom says she never wants a double coated dog again BOL! I think she’ll change her mind if she sees a really cute one for adoption. haha

  7. I’m glad you found one of those undercoat rakes. Mom says they work great. She and Dad had a Samoyed, Alex, for many years. He had a double coat. Dad used the rake on him often and especially when doggie shed heavily. Dad would fill a huge plastic bag with fur of just Doggie’s undercoat! Doggie also shed daily in white tufts on the floor. Mom vacuumed all the time.
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