High Iron Treats for Dogs – Liver Logs

High Iron Treats for Dogs – Liver Logs

High Iron Treats for Dogs – Liver Logs

The latest treat from Jones Natural Chews, Liver Logs, are high iron treats for dogs. Why on earth would you want to give your dog treats high in iron, you ask? Just like people, dogs can become anemic. Anemia is a sign of low iron in the blood stream. I’m not anemic, but my body craves iron, since it’s naturally lower than most people’s, just not enough to be anemic. So what does anemia look like for dogs?

Anemia in Dogs – Canine Anemia

According to Natural Dog Health Remedy, here are the telltale signs of canine anemia:

  • Pale gums and/or inner eyelids
  • Lethargy or weakness in a normally active dog
  • Panting, rapid pulse
  • Dark, tarry stools

These are all indications that your dog needs to see a vet NOW. According to my vet, the pale gums and eyelids mean that there’s a lack of oxygen in the system. Black, tarry stools may indicate internal bleeding. These are bad symptoms. It may be something as simple as parasites. But once you’ve taken your dog to the vet (TODAY if possible), and your vet has ruled out all but anemia, you’re probably going to be increasing the dog’s iron intake. Liver Logs are the perfect treat for an anemic dog.

Can Just Any Dog Eat Liver Logs?

Just like any person can have pate’ or chicken livers, or liver and onion, any dog can have Liver Logs from Jones Natural Chews. And just like people whose red blood cell count is low, whose iron is lacking more than others, some dogs may need a treat like Liver Logs more than other dogs. HOWEVER – when my iron is low, I crave red meat and liver. I can’t say that your dog craving this treat means that it’s low in iron. I’m pretty sure all dogs crave Liver Logs.

High iron treats for dogs - Liver Logs from Jones Natural Chews
Can you see the little bit of Liver Log in Gadget’s mouth? He’s a happy dog.

They’re pretty darn amazing. The Liver Log from Jones is soft and chewy. The main ingredient is beef liver, so it appeals to all dogs, being mostly meat. It would be very easy to give your dog too much, because they’re so happy to keep eating it. LIKE ALL OF OUR TREATS, I’m going to tell you that a treat is not food. It’s like cupcakes. Your dog is children. We don’t give multiple cupcakes to a child in one sitting, and we give treats of any kind in moderation to our dog. Any treats from any company.

"Give me the Liver Logs. Now."
“Give me the Liver Logs. Now.” Like a child, Gadget wants what he wants. And he wants chewy, yummy Liver Logs. For this photo shoot he got about an inch of a Liver Log.

Which always makes my dogs sad. They want all the treats. They want them now. Fortunately, like children, they’re easily distracted.


And fortunately for you, this amazingly delicious treat is our current giveaway from Jones Natural Chews! What do you have to do to get Liver Logs for YOUR dog? Well, you could simply order some online from Natural Dog Treat Shop or Jeffers. Or you could find the store nearest you which sells Jones Natural Chews. But these treats are SO NEW that you may not find them locally yet. So you’ll want to enter to win your own! Simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the post which will open, click the giveaway box near the end of that post, and click I Commented! Easy peasy. Then head to the store and pick up some other Jones Natural Chews. Y’know. Just in case. And treat your dog to happiness.

Liver Logs from Jones Natural Chews - Treat your dog to happiness.
Liver Logs from Jones Natural Chews – Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


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