How To Find All Natural Dog Treats

How To Find All Natural Dog Treats

All Natural Dog Treats Are Not All Alike

As I addressed earlier in the week, there are good dog treats which are cookies, and good dog treats which are meat treats. The all natural label can apply to both. I think it’s important to find dog treats which are all natural, just like it’s important for the humans to eat all natural. But, as we’ve discussed before, all natural doesn’t necessarily mean “all good”. For instance, some cookies have grains which upset a dog’s tummy.

An all natural dog treat can have one ingredient, like the Jones Natural Chews Pig Ear or Center Bone, or it can have many. An all natural dog treat can have ingredients which don’t agree with your dog’s digestion. It can have ingredients which come from other countries. Our first decision, in finding all natural dog treats is to make sure we know exactly what is in them, then where the ingredients come from.

When you head to a treat maker’s website, can you find the ingredient list for each of their offerings? How easy is that to find? And do they tell you where the ingredients are grown? Sure, the treats can be assembled and packaged in the USA, but are all of the ingredients grown on American soil? That’s a deal breaker for me, if they’re not. If the company isn’t up front about where the ingredients are grown, steer clear of those treats for your dog.

Made in the USA
Made in America.

What sets my dog apart?

Does my dog have sensitivities to wheat flour? Chicken? Any other ingredient? How large or small is my dog? If my dog is in the Toy classification, I need to be careful with the fat content of the treat, how much I allow him to eat and for how long. If my dog is large, I need to make sure a dog bone isn’t too small, with the potential to choke him.  I also need to check the type of bone I give my dog for gnawing. All bones are NOT created equal. Large dogs and aggressive chewers, for instance, only get beef bones, and only bones which are large enough not to swallow.

The best bone is a Jones Natural Chews bone

So Really, Where DO I Find All Natural Dog Treats?

You’re a savvy consumer. You shop online. But how do you find companies you can trust? There’s so much information and misinformation available! And how do you know you can trust me?! First, I’ve been blogging here for more than three years. If you want to take the time to read back, you’ll see that I’m consistent. You’ll see that the comments rave about Jones Natural Chews. You’ll see photos of our products and dogs enjoying them.

Head to the Jones Natural Chews website and you can read our history. The family has been in the meat industry for 160 years. You’ll see that our ingredients and process are 100% grown and made in the USA. It’s certified. You’ll also see that it’s 100% all natural, with no artificial ingredients. Ever. Most of our treats, in fact, are single ingredient treats.

Finding Jones Natural Chews? That’s the easy part. This link will take you to a store locator. There are stores in all 50 states selling Jones Natural Chews. At the bottom of the locator page is a list of online shops which sell our treats. If that’s not enough – and I’m serious about this – if you can’t find treats near you, email me at, and I’ll talk with HQ, do my best to find treats near you. I’ll make phone calls. I’ll find the store closest to you. And sometimes your option will be online shopping, but not usually.

Don’t Forget Our Giveaway!

As a very last resort, or maybe as a continuing fun project, visit here twice a month for our giveaway. The first and third Tuesday of every month are all natural dog treat giveaways. This half of the month we’re featuring the Canine Christmas Cruncher stocking full of single ingredient treats! Enter now, since the contest ends this weekend. But come back next week for a new giveaway! And please, share with friends.

Now. Go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew and watch it smile. Naturally.

Until I write again …


4 thoughts on “How To Find All Natural Dog Treats

  1. Oh yes, I absolutely refuse to waste money on treats with artificial ingredients and from questionable sources. I actually took the pups for a little social outing to one of the larger pet retail stores, and was only able to buy 2 different treats out of their entire, HUGE assortment!! I got 2 braided bullysticks and a bag of single-ingredient kangaroo jerky. This trip reminded me why I don’t like going to those stores. But the independently owned ones are over an hour away from us, and I just wasn’t up for that today.

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