How To Satisfy Your Dog’s Chewing Urges

How To Satisfy Your Dog’s Chewing Urges

Dogs have a natural urge to chew.

According to Pets MD, dogs chew for a number of reasons, including for attention and play, to keep their teeth and gums healthy or to deal with insecurity, separation anxiety or hunger. For younger dogs, chewing also helps to relieve pain that might be caused by incoming teeth, and – as dogs mature –  it’s nature’s way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. Chewing can relieve boredom in calmer dogs and provide the stimulation more aggressive dogs naturally desire. Different dogs chew for different reasons, but it nevertheless is in their nature.

Despite the importance and inevitability of chewing, it isn’t always the most house — or closet — friendly. No one wants to leave the house and return to Fido chewing up the couch, their favorite shoe or even your ankles. VCA Hospital gives a few tips on how to satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew while also keeping your belongings safe:

    • Determine the Source: Does your pup chew the carpet when you leave? Maybe she has separation anxiety. Does your dog tear through your shoes when he’s home alone for too long? Maybe he isn’t getting enough exercise. Does your pup stop chewing the second you scold him or does he just want attention? Trying to pinpoint the source of their chewing may indicate another problem and help you provide sufficient stimulation to satisfy your dog.
    • Give them an appealing alternative: By directing them to chewing something else, you help their attention, dental health and your home. Chew toys are better than your new purse, but dogs can also tear through these easily and lose attention quickly. Give them something that retains their attention and last longer, such as treats designed for long-lasting chew and flavor.
    • Reward desirable behavior: Your pooch needs to be scolded to prevent future inappropriate chewing, but too much scolding can teach your pup that chewing is a way to get attention. When your pup is indulging in their favorite treat, make sure to praise him and give him attention for satisfying his chewing urge in a positive way.

JNC_LgBullyStick_1pk_sw Bandits-Bully-Bone-1

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The next time you catch Fido chewing on your favorite shoe or chair, remember these tips to help you find the source of the chewing and satisfy his urge in a more beneficial (and less destructive) way.

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