How to Train Your Dog Using Treats

How to Train Your Dog Using Treats

Think back to being a kid. There were times you were probably asked to clean your room, wash dishes or maybe even do laundry. There may have even been a dollar amount associated as the incentive to push you to complete those chores.

Dogs don’t care about money, but they certainly do love their treats! There isn’t much they aren’t willing to do for one. Treats make a wonderful incentive tool for dogs to learn how to behave and interact with other people and animals.

Check out these tips below for some ideas on how to train your four-legged friend using dog treats and chews.

Choose the right treat

We love our pets, and it’s easy to get carried away with giving them treats. For training purposes, it’s best to give your dog small treats. Or, break off pieces of a larger treat to make it last longer. Not only will smaller bites help sustain your dog’s interest, giving smaller treats will also help to control weight while still rewarding positive behavior. Choosing healthy treats made from natural, 100% Made in the USA ingredients will also help.

Reward the right behavior

When you’re training your dog, don’t forget that you’re rewarding them for whatever behavior preceded the treat, so be careful not to unintentionally reward hyperactive behavior. Also, keep in mind that treats should not be used to bribe your dog. Treats are a great way to get your dog’s attention, but as the training advances, you want to rely on them less and less.

Reward each step

Pet parents often make the mistake of coaxing their dogs to perform the entire task before giving a treat, and they become frustrated when that approach does not yield good results. Instead, reward progress towards the ultimate goal. For example, if you are trying to teach your dog to sit on command, give him a little treat when he lowers his hind quarters. When he does it again, give him another treat. Eventually, he will make the connection to the full command.

Try different treats

Dogs can be like their humans when it comes to food – their tastes change. It’s a common problem that pet owners encounter. It’s possible that the treat you started with is no longer delicious and exciting to your pup. In turn, Fido will be less motivated to perform for this less enticing treat. Be open to trying out different healthy treat options until you find a few that get your dog’s attention every time.

Keep it up

Old dogs may not be able to learn new tricks, but they can definitely practice what they already know. Once your dog is trained, remember to continue to reward good behavior when you see it to keep your dog’s skills sharp. And, don’t forget to sprinkle in kind words, petting and praise.

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  1. Good article on training your pupper. It’s not hard, it just takes patience, consistency, love…and of course the right reward (or bribe as my hubbie says) and before you know you’ll have a well-trained dog.

    Thanks for sharing the tips and THANK YOU for supporting PactForAnimals. It’s such a wonderful organization and they need all the support they can get!
    Megan Jones recently posted..Finding the Best Dog Shoes for the BeachMy Profile

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