Instagram Star Meets Bully Basted Ch’Earz

Instagram Star Meets Bully Basted Ch’Earz

Instagram Star Meets Bully Basted Ch’Earz

Last week I met a genuine Instagram star – Edgar Allan Pug. What?! You’ve never heard of Edgar Allan Pug?! He’s up and coming, I’m telling you. Go now to Instagram and check out his account – @edgar_allanpug – I’ll wait.

Isn’t he the cutest thing ever? He’s hilarious! Wait! Come back here! Did I lose you in the IG black hole? Instagram can suck you in, can’t it? That’s why, for me, meeting other Instagram dogs is fun and exciting. I spend way too much time wandering around there, just looking at cute dogs. And when I meet them in person, I like to give them a treat from Jones Natural Chews! Lookit!

Instagram star Edgar Allan Pug meets Bully Basted Ch'Earz
Edgar Allan Pug, Instagram star, meets the Bully Basted Ch’Earz from Jones Natural Chews

Guidelines for Chewing

Meeting Edgar’s mom was delightful. The beauty of meeting an Instagram star who’s a dog, is often the person behind the dog. And I get to explain, all over again, why dogs love Jones Natural Chews, as well as the do’s and don’ts of our treats. I’ll walk you through them right quick, in case your dog is trying Jones for the first time. But really? These guidelines are true for all treats and all dogs.

  • Know your dog – is it an aggressive chewer? Does it voraciously tear through food and treats? If so, give small amounts, or rugged treats and bones.
  • Give a treat amount appropriate to the size of your dog – treats are like candy or cake for children. The dog will want to eat as much as you’ll give it, but like candy and cake, a little is enough.
  • Treats are extra – rewards – not food. Like cake or candy with kids, don’t replace a dog’s meal with treats.
  • For small or toy dogs especially, just a few minutes with a tough treat, like a Windee or a Strap Stick, is enough, then put it away till later.
  • Monitor your dog with a bone or tough chew, just like you’d monitor a baby or toddler with whatever they’d put in their mouths.

See? Good guidelines for any and all treats, not just Jones Natural Chews. Even big Instagram stars need to follow the rules, right?

But What About the Bully Basted Ch’Earz?

You thought I’d forget. I didn’t. Edgar Allan Pug (I just love that name!) was an instant fan of the Bully Basted Ch’Earz. Naturally. Who wouldn’t be? Even his mama was smelling the Bully Basted Ch’Earz, eyeing it longingly. They smell like bacon, y’all. And when we handed one to Edgar? Magic happened. Check it out.

Edgar Allan Pug vs the Bully Basted Ch'Earz from Jones Natural Chews
Edgar Allan Pug vs the Bully Basted Ch’Earz from Jones Natural Chews – and Edgar WINS!!

That’s one happy dog.


Luckily for you, Jones is currently hosting a giveaway of their Bully Basted Ch’Earz! That’s right – some lucky dog will win their very own package of them! It could be YOUR dog! And all you have to do to enter is click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which opens, click the contest box, then click I Commented! Simple, right? But you’ll want to tweet about it. Racking up the points makes your dog happy! Treat your dog to happiness. Give it a Jones Natural Chew.

Have a happy Tuesday, everyone!

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your kind words! Edgar and I truly enjoyed meeting you! You are a wonderful & generous woman, whom I am now excited to call friend. Thank you for the treats and the opportunity to chat with you. Edgar REALLY loves his Jones Natural Chews!

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