Is It Really Bacon?

Is It Really Bacon?

Is It Really Bacon?

Bacon = Magic. Jones Natural Chews latest scrumptious treat, the Bully N Bacon (which we’re giving away to some lucky dog), is a coiled Bully Stick covered in pork skin. We’ve talked, previously, about the Bully Stick, or Steer Stick, in depth, but today we’re going to conquer the bacon mountain, get some questions out of the way.


You see that plate of bacon and what happens? You drool? Start thinking of the closest diner where you can get it with your breakfast? I sure do. Bacon, grits, eggs, a fluffy biscuit – oh man, I want it, now. But is this the bacon on Jones’ treats?

What is Bacon?

First, what exactly is bacon? Where does it come from? According to every diagram I pull up, it comes from the belly of the pig. It’s tender and extremely fatty, and supremely delicious. It’s also, especially once cooked, delicate, prone to being easily pulled apart, or crumbling, depending on how long you’ve cooked it. Bacon is magic, people. MAGIC.

And dogs agree. I rarely buy bacon, partly because my audience of four dogs makes me feel so guilty as they watch me eat it. Fortunately for them, Jones Natural Chews makes bacon treats. But theirs is not my bacon.

Bully N Bacon? Yes please.

Yes, Jones pork skin is, like human bacon, a single ingredient food, from a pig. It’s not a flavored, processed, multi layered thing, like so many “bacon” treats for dogs (go ahead and read the ingredients on your dogs favorite bacon treats sometime, then go buy Jones and feel better about your choices). Instead, Jones Natural Chews bacon is pork skin. That simple. It’s tougher and holds up better than real bacon, making for a longer lasting treat for your dog, as well as being just as tasty for the dog as human bacon is for us. On a pig, it’s just a couple inches away from the stuff we eat. It’s also the real deal, not a bunch of processed artificial stuff. In fact, here’s what Jones has to say about their K9 Bacon Rolls:

8″ K-9 Bacon Rolls are all-natural USA pork skin rolled up like a retriever roll. This 8″ roll is best for medium to large size dogs. They are naturally baked with no artificial ingredients. All Jones’ products are 100% grown and made in the USA.

That’s it. Pork skin. Baked. Single ingredient. For a dog, this is bacon. And it lasts longer than a slice of bacon on my plate because it’s thick, baked, and skin instead of belly meat.


I know you’re asking yourself right now, where can I get bacon for my dog? Is this bacon as messy as human bacon would be if I gave it to the dog (the answer is a definite no, not messy)? Click this sentence and you’ll find a store locator, where you can search by state and city for stores which carry Jones Natural Chews. At the bottom of that page are online stores, as well. You’re welcome. Your dog will thank you.

And in case you’re not in a place to shop just now, Jones is giving one lucky pup our Bully N Bacon treat – a long-lasting Bully Stick, wrapped with a big, thick piece of pork skin! Click this sentence to open a new page, scroll down to the Rafflecopter, then click to follow the simple instructions. Your dog will be so happy!

I hope I’ve answered your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask if I haven’t. I have generations of butchers at my fingertips if I need them (the whole Jones family are/were butchers and know their meats inside and out).

Spreading the good chews …


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