Jones All Natural Tender Taffy – Love It? LOVE IT!

Jones All Natural Tender Taffy – Love It? LOVE IT!

Tender Taffy Soft Chicken Blend

We’re talking about Jones Natural Chews Tender Taffy Soft Chicken Blend on Tasty Tuesday! I love Tasty Tuesday. I get to talk about Jones chews and only Jones chews. Today I want to focus on Jones all natural Chicken Taffy. Today is also an older post, but with a giveaway and update at the bottom.

Is your dog smiling? No? Well maybe you should give it some Jones Chicken Taffy.
Jones Tender Taffy Soft Chicken Blend makes dogs smile

Not only is Jones Chicken Taffy 100% all natural (as are all of their other yummy treats), it’s also 100% grown and made in the USA! Let’s take a look at the ingredients for the Chicken Taffy:

Chicken, rye flour, glycerin, salt, liquid smoke flavoring, natural mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract

Yep, that’s it. Seven ingredients. It’s a chewy treat, meaning it’s easy to tear into smaller pieces for rewarding your dog while training, or for giving smaller pieces to a puppy. The taffies by Jones really are perfect treats. Here’s what Jones has to say about the Tender Taffy:

Tender Taffy is a soft and flexible strip that breaks easily in pieces for training treats. It is made of USA chicken with a few other natural ingredients added. Dogs extra small to extra large taste this treat and nothing else will do.

See? SEE?! Nothing else will do. Jones Chicken Taffy makes dogs smile.

Chickens also love Tender Taffy Chicken Blend

Oh! Oh! Y’all have to see this:

Is the taffy good?
Mary Ann and Ginger eye the Chicken Taffy with suspicion

It makes chickens smile, too! Watch!

Yes, chickens are cannibals. That’s a fact, Jack. I gave the girls a rotisserie chicken carcass this weekend and they LOVED it. But not as much as they love Jones Chicken Taffy. Should I stop telling people that? Maybe I should …


Tender Taffy Soft Chicken Blend is Dogs’ Favorite

Seriously, though, let’s look at the dogs I’ve wooed with Chicken Taffy in the last three weeks:

Chicken Taffy
This little Yorkie nearly took my fingers off trying to get the Chicken Taffy!
Roxy, the senior Dachshund, eating a Chicken Taffy bit from Jones
Pug agrees that I should come over every day and give her Chicken Taffy
Remember this adorable Pug? LOVED the Chicken Taffy from Jones.
Couldn’t get enough of the taffy
Here's a dog that can't get enough of Jones Chicken Taffy ...
Chewy just kept BEGGING and BEGGING for the Chicken Taffy

What else can I say? Dogs love Jones Chicken Taffy!

Giveaway and Update

Please enter the Tender Taffy Soft Chicken Blend giveaway! You can tweet daily to increase your chances of winning. And your dog will thank you. Who doesn’t love a happy dog?! You know you do. Of all of Jones Natural Chews, the Tender Taffy and Lamb Lung Puffs are the two I’ve found to consistently be favorites with every single dog I’ve treated.

Funny cancer update – I know that yesterday I talked about how I nearly died this weekend. I’m not above a touch of drama in my personal life, after all. I saw the nurse practitioner yesterday and she was shocked by my symptoms. Told me to stop it. I’m not allowed to have such violent symptoms so early in treatment, or even at all. The chemo I’m on is known for having mild symptoms, and later on in treatment. She was shocked. Said it was all in my head.

No, really. Something about the month between diagnosis and actual treatment, the stress and anxiety building. Once treatment started, my body had a kind of let down and flu like symptoms hit, just from the release of all of the stress. Makes sense to me. Which all means that I’m going to be just fine from here on out. Huzzah!

Now go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Watch it smile. Naturally.

Spreading the good chews …


18 thoughts on “Jones All Natural Tender Taffy – Love It? LOVE IT!

  1. My dog, Rocky, LOVES the Jones taffy treats!! As a matter of fact, he shares them with the other dogs in the condo association, and they are all fans!

  2. My dog, Rocky, loves the Jones taffy treats. As a matter of fact, he shares them with the other condo association dogs, and they all love them!

  3. Yikes – I’m glad you didn’t lose any fingers the way those chickens were pecking at that taffy! I was cringing the whole time, fully expecting to see blood fly at some point. A little disappointing. 😉

    Yay! A road trip! I know you will have plenty of fun stories for us along the way. I have no doubt those dogs will all try to go home with you to get some more of that taffy. I bet that new baby will love you to pieces too – and you won’t even have to feed it chicken taffy! 😉
    Blueberry’s human recently posted..DisguisesMy Profile

  4. That’s a whole lot of cute and happy dogs! And chickens! You have us sold on how good that chicken taffy must be….now I need to get my butt on the road to go get some! And I don’t have to travel nearly as far as you will be next week. Actually, I just keep forgetting to stop at the store that I know carries it when I’m out that way.
    How exciting….a baby!
    And you’ll be getting to meet Maggie too, that will be fun! I think it sounds like a good road trip, in spite of the stinky teenager.
    Jan K recently posted..Tuesday’s Tails – Adopt BosleyMy Profile

  5. Ya’ know… I’m confused now… I thought I was buying the “chicken taffy” (it looks like what you’ve shown in your pics) but when it arrived it says something like “Chicken blend treats” on the bag. I gotta admit “chicken blend” doesn’t sound as good as “chicken taffy.” Not that Rita cares. She snarfs it down!

    Have a good, safe trip!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Monday Mischief: Even More in Awe of Betty White NowMy Profile

  6. I’m sure my dogs would love these treats. I’m glad you are feeling better, but I can understand the stress. Please, take care of yourself.

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